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October 6, 2022

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Event Rule Options Expanded to Include Additional Conditions Present

A new feature expanding the powerful Connect ONE® Event Rules!

Event Rules offer many options for notifications and system interaction; and are now even more powerful with the addition of a conditional qualification which must be present in order for the rule to activate. This feature is in addition to the schedule qualification which allows for the rule to only be active during or outside of certain hours. Now the rule can be further qualified with a present condition in a particular site or area. The condition options are: Area(s) Armed or Disarmed, Door(s) Locked or Unlocked, or Output(s) On or Off.

This additional qualification allows for many interesting capabilities such as following the system holidays. If your customer only wants to be notified of an event when not on a holiday, this can now be configured. A virtual panel output programmed on a schedule and referenced as a condition to the Event Rule allows the rule to be active only when the output is on, via the schedule.


Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal

  • Filter by User Login Profile: The User List and User List Report have a new option to filter by Login Profile. Login Profiles allow for more than permission control, they may also be used for grouping. For instance, you can add a Contractors Login Profile and apply users to this profile/group. When viewing the user list it is now very simple to show all Contractors using the filter by Login Profile option.
  • User Permission Report: The User Permission Report is a great way to find all Users with access to certain Sites or Areas at a glance. The report options have been expanded to allow a filter by Login Profile and show which users match all sites/areas selected or any of the site/areas selected.
  • Time Rules with Zones: The Time Rules with zone option, such as zones in exceptions status, not active, etc., now allow for a time frame to be specified of when to log the violation event. For example, your customer may want a door prop on certain zones during normal business hours, but outside of those hours they aren't concerned if the door is propped open, this schedule can now be configured in the Time Rule.
  • Time Rules Status Option: Time Rules now have an option to be set Active or Inactive. This is a quick way to deactivate a rule without removing it. Later it can be reactivated without needing any re-configuration of parameters.
  • Holidays Batched Selectively By System: Holidays have a new option which allows to quickly batch to all systems, this option already existed, or selectively you can choose which systems to batch the holiday list to.
  • Lockdown Systems Message: The lockdown systems message shows which systems are currently in lockdown and now provides a method to click/tap the message to open the lockdown options which can quickly restore any of the systems as necessary.
  • Improved Visibility to Dashboards & Options: The Dashboard views, such as In/Out, Exceptions, & GeoView, along with the option popups, have been revamped to provide better visibility and intuitiveness.

Dealer Administrative Portal & System Updates

  • Door Prop Timing for Aperio Locks/Readers: The access expander which integrates Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locks and readers with DMP, Bosch, Elk, and Honeywell panels now provides an option to configure a door prop alert for Aperio wireless locks that have an integrated door contact sensor.
  • TIP: Check the Configuration page for the Device as it includes recommended programming for the particular product and firmware version.

How a Total System Solution Can Mean More Business

We get it! We’re former security dealers who left the installation ranks but still understand what it’s like to be in the trenches – and how a strong partner can actually contribute to your current and future success. No one is on an island.

A complete system solution is one way to bring more business to customers with new and existing offerings. Rather than trying to piece together equipment and software on your own, a cloud-hosted platform can be your service and revenue extender – without retraining or other heavy lifting.

A single management solution that offers multiple services is a great way to entice and retain clients. A security management platform hosted in the cloud is flexible and ready for expansion – whether your customers require intrusion, access control, video surveillance, critical environmental monitoring, energy management, asset management, commercial fire alarm data event monitoring, etc.

The platform should be flexible and easy to add new features – so your customer doesn’t have to look elsewhere to solve their dilemmas or issues. Best of all, when you work with a preferred partner (that’s us) they know your needs and are receptive to facilitating new projects – so supply chain challenges become a thing of the past. 

Remember, one covenant in life is change: you customers needs will change so be prepared.

Consider us your ‘think tank’

If you need something—just ask! That’s what we do daily: we respond to dealer inquiries, which often end up as new features, like National Weather Service Monitoring detection and alerting recently included in Connect ONE®. This was an example of a dealer request for a project – and we made it a reality.

When you can offer full management—of all types of services through the cloud—you have at your disposal a quick method to add new capabilities. Your solution has everything for your customer now, as well as a way to continue to reach and retain them as their needs change. 

Here’s another example. When the pandemic hit, users were looking for ways to ensure that those entering buildings had clearance and had passed basic health screening protocol. Safe Passage module for access control user authorization was added to Connect ONE® to provide those capabilities and more, including history, audit trail and other data vital to safe conditions on site. 

Connect ONE is the full solution you can offer to every customer – and it all comes from a single supplier. Contact us today about our dealer plans and find out for yourself how a total solution can build a more profitable installation company.

Did you Know? Data Import Features into Connect ONE

An included service that imports system codes / users from a spreadsheet.

You and your customers have options for quickly importing many system codes & associated users into Connect ONE from a spreadsheet. This is a very convenient feature for newly upgraded systems or whenever they have a batch of users to add at one time.

The import is accessible from the Dealer Application by going to the Customer->Device->System Codes or from the Customer Application by going to Utilities->System->System Codes.

  1. Once there review the instructions for what is required. It is recommended to download the sample spreadsheet to have the columns pre-populated.
  2. Fill-in the system codes and user information using your preferred spreadsheet application, save it as a csv (comma separated values) file.
  3. After uploading the file, the screen will output all of the changes that will be performed, this allows you to review everything prior to submitting the changes.


  1. If you intend the newly created user to have a login to Connect ONE, then you can also include their email address and at the end of the process an email will be sent to the user with login instructions.
  2. If you want to update a user's information, the code will be matched so instead of creating a new user, it can be used to update an existing user.

IMPORTANT TIP: SMS Messaging Enhancements

We are seeing random bounced messages from Verizon for valid text addresses and periodic delays with T-Mobile, SMS messaging is a reliable method for your customers to receive notifications.

Connect ONE offers an enhanced SMS messaging service that provides reliable delivery as a true SMS message since it doesn't utilize the carrier email to text option. The expanded SMS service is subscribed on the customer level, please see the Connect ONE price guide for package information, the price guide is available on the Home tab of the Dealer Administration Portal. The carrier email to text option will continue to be included in the base service level at no additional charge.

This is a great option for critical messages which require reliable delivery and will continue without management changes if the customer changes cellular carriers since only their phone number is specified for delivery.


Tip: Customer Add-On Modules

Add-on modules are super easy to setup for your customer - requiring little to no configuration - build more RMR!

  • Asset Management
    • The Asset Management Module provides streamlined methods to track assets, such as keys, equipment, electronics, tools, inventory, etc., to locations and/or users including the generation of custom user authorization templates upon issuing and/or returning.
  • Badge Printing (InstantCard)
    • The InstantCard module works with the InstantCard Badge Service to push user photo and details to a badge template for physical badge printing.
  • Case Management
    • The Case Management Module provides streamlined methods to track critical event responses, incidents, and repairs at one or multiple locations. Ideal for building and property management companies, multifamily and multi-tenant users or national accounts with numerous locations.
  • Emergency Messaging Hub
    • The Emergency Messaging Hub provides a unified feed of emergency messages from multiple systems for an associated site. It works by receiving Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages from Mass Notification and other Emergency Response platforms and by translating device native events to the CAP format. All CAP messages are published to the hub for all external services to consume in a single atom feed.
  • GeoView System Mapping (MVP Award Winner 2019)
    • The GeoView System Mapping Module maps real-time status and control of systems to Google Maps. Easily drag/place markers for: System Health, Arm/Disarm Status & Control (Multi-Area), Zones & Sensors (including Environmental & Weather Sensors), Doors & Outputs, Cameras (also Live View within Map). Also, upload interior floorplans and overlay them on top of the satellite image.
  • Safe Passage (MVP Award Winner 2021)
    • The Safe Passage module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site regarding health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA.
  • Weather Monitoring
    • The Weather Monitoring Module monitors National Weather Service alerts instantly and six weather metrics updated every 30-60 minutes: 1. Temperature, 2. Relative Humidity, 3. Current Condition, 4. Wind Speed, 5. Barometric Pressure, 6. Dew Point. Each of the metrics can be programmed with a low and high threshold limit which can deliver notifications and interact with other devices onsite such as the alarm/access systems and thermostats. Historical reporting is also possible for each metric which can show readings recorded over a time period.

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We love hearing from our Dealers with requests from their customers to help solve challenges.

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