Asset Management

Streamlined Methods to Track Assets to Locations and/or Users

The Connect ONE Asset Management Module provides streamlined methods to track assets to locations and/or users including the generation of custom user authorization templates upon issuing and/or returning. A specified return date will notify the assigned user via email if overdue.


  • Create assets and assign to location for quick check of where they are located
  • Issue assets to users and automatically send a customized authorization template for the person to approve and sign via email. Once completed the form is converted to a pdf and recorded with their user account in Connect ONE for archive.
  • Return assets from users with a template sign-off option
  • Optionally specify a return date upon issuing the asset. If the asset is not returned by the date then the user will receive an email stating it is overdue.
  • Auto-populate the asset database from a csv spreadsheet

Mechanical Keys

Record keys to hook locations and then to users upon issuing. Never lose track of who has which keys to which buildings.

Equipment, Tools, Inventory

Eliminate lost time looking for common equipment and tools which now may be checked out and returned seamlessly logging their current location

Electronics & Badges

Record phone, laptop, tablet and other electronics upon issuing to a user to ensure they are returned upon termination.