Connect ONE® Case Studies

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Debt Pay Pro

A growing financial services and payment processing company headquartered in the northwest suburbs of Chicago was looking for a higher level of security and human resources accountability for its 5,000-square-foot facility. Ultimately, Debt Pay, Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill., a Software as a Service (SaaS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider which handles sensitive financial data, selected ScanPass® Mobile Credential powered by Connect ONE® as the access control and security management solution for the main entrance and select areas.
With ScanPass Mobile Credential, Kris Kehler, chief executive officer (CEO), said he receives real-time video and access control reporting, which not only assists with security but provides detailed information on who among the 30 employees entered the offices and when. ScanPass Mobile Credential is integrated with a Hikvision high-resolution IP network camera, so Kehler can view video of who is entering the suite during off hours, holidays or other specific time frames.

Equipment List:

  • (1) ELK M1 EZ8 Control Panel
  • (1) Connect ONE Access Expander (ACCEXP-M1)
  • (2) ScanPass Barcode Stickers
  • (1) ELK M1RB Relay Board
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Dynamic Manufacturing

Dynamic Manufacturing is a 60-year-old, family-run auto-motive company (certified as an IATF 16949 operation and WBENC Woman Owned and Operated business) that for the 21st time in 2019 was awarded General Motors’ Supplier of the Year. With nearly one million square feet of floor space covering eight suburban Chicago-area locations, the end user needed a simple, comprehensive and intuitive way to manage security, access control and video.

Now, from anywhere with an Internet connection, the customer can see all activity and assess alerts generated from its multiple transmission manufacturing and repair facilities in Hillside and Melrose Park, Ill., from a single security management platform. The effective and efficient solution was provided by Integrated Security Specialists Inc. (ISSI) of Long Grove, Ill., which has been Dynamic Manufacturing’s security partner for more than 10 years.

Equipment List:

  • Connect ONE system management platform with Safe Passage module
  • DMP Intrusion/Access Control Panels
  • HID Global card access readers/credentials
  • Axis IP Cameras
  • Exacq Technologies NVRs
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Holy Cross Parish

“The four cameras in the school have been fantastic in monitoring different areas,” says Matt VanEffen, Principal of Holy Cross Catholic School. “Also, having the ability to see when employees are coming in for work really adds value. But the best feature by far is the ability to lock down all the doors from my computer or phone in the event of a lock-down drill. The key fobs which control the proximity readers have also cut down greatly on the number of people who have access to the ‘master’ key for the school. It’s just so much easier to track who has the key fobs,” he says. Martin says that if the Connect ONE solution had not been available, the installation would have been more complicated to install and difficult for the end user to manage. “It became clear to us several years ago that users need a simple to use and manage security management program they can access from multiple devices, including smartphones. It’s critical to customers. They want to manage system parameters remotely but not have to deal with a server on site. Connect ONE is always current and continuously updated. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.”

Equipment List:

  • Connected Technologies Connect ONE cloud security management platform
  • EnGenius Technologies Wireless Network
  • Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) wireless control
  • Essex Electronics Inc. wireless keypads
  • HID Global proximity readers with key fobs
  • ONit Alert System
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Security Industry Association (SIA)

SIA consulted with Ken Kocher, president of Force Security Solutions LLC, Manassas, Va., a dealer/integrator who has been the organization.s preferred security provider for many years. Force Security Solutions recommended an integrated solution that would provide access control and intrusion detection under a unified management platform for increased functionality. Kocher says SIA management wanted to easily and seamlessly provide security, access control and intrusion detection through a single platform when he installed the original specification in June 2012. He later deployed the web-based Connect ONE solution from Connected Technologies in Crystal Lake, Ill., as an enhancement to the system and a simple, but powerful way to restrict entry and control all devices. SIA.s security requirements changed when they moved and they wanted greater accessibility and remote connectivity,. Kocher says. Force Security installed proximity access control readers, intrusion detection with alarm notification, motion sensors, glassbreak sensors, electric door strikes and surveillance cameras with audio and remote viewing capabilities . all integrated to the access control protecting the doors to the office and the building.s stairwell. Technicians completed the Connect ONE upgrade in May and within a couple hours had it up and running. The Connect ONE platform simplified the security integrations, he adds.

Equipment List:

  • Connected Technologies Connect ONE cloud security management platform
  • HID Global proximity readers with cards and key fobs
  • Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) wireless control
  • Mobotix 360 degree surveillance cameras
  • Bosch motion detectors
  • Interlogix door and glassbreak sensors
  • ASSA-ABLOY's Securitron magnetic locks and HES series strikes
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Vista Health System

Vista Health System needed an access control system which could be modular and accommodate a number of different areas of the hospital yet remain cost effective and allow a single interface for management and control. Connect ONE paired with the DMP hardware fit perfectly within those requirements. The DMP hardware is cost effective, allows easy implementation with control panels connected to the network wherever required, and/or door controllers directly connected to the network. Connect ONE provided the interface to allow their security staff to control the system securely from any web browser or mobile phone. They can now batch user codes to all the control panels with a couple clicks, send a lockdown command to multiple panels in a single click, and much more.

Equipment List:

  • (5) DMP XR500N Control Panels
  • DMP 734 & 734N Door Controllers
  • Access Keypads and Card Readers
  • USB Proximity Enrollment Reader
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Fifth Avenue, New York

Tenant buildings with elevators can be difficult to secure. How do you control access to individual and specific floors during the day or after hours? What’s the best way to provide the most comprehensive physical security for occupants around the clock yet not make access overly restrictive or cumbersome?
Many security dealers shy away from elevator access but Alarm Specialists Inc., headquartered in White Plains, N.Y., found the best solution with Connect ONE from Connected Technologies LLC and ELK Products Inc.

Equipment List:

  • ELK Products M1-Gold Control Panel
  • Connect ONE Access Expander
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Gill Management

Gill Management owns and operates seven Burger King Restaurant locations. As you can expect they experience a high amount of employee turnover and need a convenient way of managing the user codes from their central office. Prior to using the DMP product with Connect ONE the cost and burden of having to drive to each restaurant to change a code was too great. Now they simply login through their web browser and after a couple of clicks they can quickly remove someone from all seven locations and just as quickly add someone new without having to enter their information more than once. Now security and convenience go hand-in-hand.

Equipment List:

  • (7) DMP XT30 Control Panels
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