Weather Monitoring

Monitors current weather conditions for alerting, reporting, and interaction with other systems

The weather module is an add-on to any customer site. Monitor 6 weather metrics, updated every 30-60 minutes:

  • 1. Temperature
  • 2. Relative Humidity
  • 3. Current Condition
  • 4. Wind Speed
  • 5. Barometric Pressure
  • 6. Dew Point

Each of the metrics can be programmed with a low and high threshold limit which can deliver notifications and interact with other devices onsite such as the alarm/access systems and thermostats. Historical reporting is also possible for each metric which can show readings recorded over a time period.

In addition, if set, the current condition such as Clear, Rain, Snow, etc. can be monitored for changes and logged as an event. The event can follow custom Event Rules based upon keyword. This may include notification but could also include Task Rule activation including the possibility of Lockdown triggering.


Historical Reporting

Interaction w/Other Systems