Assa Abloy Aperio Supported Intrusion & Access Control Management

Connect ONE® simplifies all of your system security

Managing Multiple Sites Made Quick and Easy – Saving Time and Money

Connect ONE allows customers with multiple site locations the convenience of viewing, controlling, and managing all their systems on one screen. Now your customer with several locations can manage all their buildings and people as if they were all under ONE roof.

Complete integration with Bosch, DMP, Elk, and Honeywell Vista panels using our Access Expander allows for the wireless locks to map directly to the intrusion armed status for denying access when armed, preventing schedule unlock when armed, first-in unlock when disarmed, and disarm on access. It also provides for a mapped hardwire relay output which allows for an auxiliary control upon access, a hardwire lock operation for the aperio reader only device, and a relay output to control an external door opener. It also allows for direct control of the aperio locks from the intrusion panel via hardwire reader and/or keypad control to turn on/off the associated output which controls the aperio lock too.

The aperio locks utilize an encrypted wireless connection to an aperio IP hub. Each hub can communicate to a maximum of 64 locks. The IP hub is connected to the access expander via an encrypted network connection. The access expander can support up to 128 hubs however the capacity of wireless locks is dependent on the intrusion control panel. For example, the Bosch B9512G can support up to 231 locks, the DMP XR550 can support up to 465 locks, the Elk M1 can support up to 206 locks, and the Honeywell Vista can support up to 96 locks.

User permissions are applied exactly the same as how they are specified for hardwire readers connected to the panel. Therefore the system can have wired reader/locks and wireless reader/locks mixed without any additional complexity.

Inputting a user is fast because the information only has to be entered once and then can be selectively batched to all their other locations. Likewise with deactivating a user, one click can remove a user from multiple locations.

Connect ONE servers are constantly being updated with information from all customer locations thus obtaining event reports only takes seconds for one or all sites.

Speed and Efficiency for System Managers

The Power of Group Templates – One Click User Enrollments!

One click fast and accurate new user enrollments are achieved with ease using your own pre-set Templates – where a specified doors or alarm systems can named as a template group and selected with just one click. Example: All Perimeter & Offices South District

So if you have customers with multiple locations, show them the simple and easy way to manage their systems using Connect ONE. Once they experience the time savings, which also saves their company money, not only will you have a long time loyal customer but your company will have a constant, predictable, and new monthly recurring revenue stream.

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With Connect ONE® you can:

View Activity

Manage and view activity in real-time from all locations on one screen from any web-enabled device—with an associated user identification photo included where applicable for added security and accountability.


Manage access control and security user codes and permissions—and automatically batch those permissions system wide. Customize log-in permissions to specific users and their level of facility access permissions.

Initiate Zones

Arm, disarm and initiate zone bypass capabilities to control alarm events. Lock and unlock perimeter and interior doors.


View live multiple surveillance camera feeds for one or more locations on a single screen.


View and control HVAC, thermostats and occupancy sensors for single or multiple locations and program setback schedules to follow alarm system status.

Stay Informed

Receive automatic customized instant, daily or weekly reports.

Manage Reports

Generate, print or export standard and customized reports of activity from one or more locations and capture productivity time studies and ROI data.


Receive instant notifications of events and other status via email or text message. Customize on-screen audible alerts for immediate notification to responsible parties.


Instantly lock all doors at multiple buildings. Deactivate select users and send mass custom notifications.

Compatible with:

Equipment Required: Assa Abloy Aperio with Bosch B/G, DMP XR, Elk M1, or Honeywell Vista and our Access Expander.