API Integrations

API integrations include receiving event information from multiple external sources for additional processing or system interaction, sending out events to external systems, external software user changes, and IFTTT integration.

UserAPI - Integration with External Business Software


  • Creating, modifying, & deleting users/system codes & cards
  • Webhook methods for user modification from external systems such as Visitor Management
  • Retrieving alarm areas, zones, doors, & outputs for status and control commands
  • Pushing system events to external services for additional logging and/or processing
  • Microsoft Teams Integration for pushing channel messages to personnel

EmailAPI - Integration with External Systems and Task Control

End-user generated email can integrate with:

  • Siri, Google Assistant, etc. - Voice Task Activation
  • 3rd Party Device Monitoring - Emails sent by device are captured as events within Connect ONE

IFTTT - Integration with IFTTT for Triggering External Connected Systems

Incoming IFTTT triggers to Connect ONE:

  • Geolocation Notice
  • Geolocation Task Activation
  • 3rd Party Device Activations - Locks, Switches, etc.

Outgoing Connect ONE triggers to IFTTT:

  • Upon system events such as arming, access, etc. - Trigger IFTTT connected device actions