Farpointe Conekt

Simplified Management of Bluetooth Mobile Credentials

Conekt is a mobile smartphone access control solution managed through the Conekt Wallet App. It supports iPhone and Android mobile devices and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with Conekt mobile-ready readers. When activated within the app, Conekt mobile credentials allow users to identify themselves at designated access points with the existing standard electronic access control system.

Dealers who order Conekt from their vendor are supplied a spreadsheet of the credentials from their vendor to import into Connect ONE. The import simplifies enrollment since administrators now have an easy dropdown selection to assign a mobile credential to a new user. Once a credential is assigned, the associated card number is automatically programmed into the access control system and Connect ONE sends an email or SMS message to the user with instructions on how to obtain the Wallet App and activate their credential.

The Wallet App is a single-purpose app for their credential. No login is required and it does not include any other functions to eliminate any possible confusion. Credentials are purchased at a one-time cost, with no recurring fees.

Capabilities include:

  • Smartphone wallet app securely stores mobile credentials
  • One-time registration without disclosure of private information
  • Cloud-based delivery of mobile credentials via Connect ONE
  • Readers read Conekt BLE mobile credentials as well as traditional physical credentials
  • Supports industry standard and custom formats

Equipment Required: Farpointe Conekt