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August 19, 2022

National Weather Service Monitoring to Detect, Monitor and Alert of Current Conditions [Show All]

A new feature expanding the weather monitoring add-on to enrich your customers' experience!

As hurricane season ramps up and with weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, getting immediate notification of changing or dangerous situations can help customers and their facilities stay safer and better respond to conditions. Connect ONE® now includes National Weather Service alert detection, a new capability that reports directly to the platform for real-time reporting.

A dealer request brought this new service to life; their manufacturing customer was looking for a way to notify factory employees within the facility of a tornado warning. Using a report/event rule in Connect ONE, the tornado alert triggers the alarm system output to turn on, flashes strobes and annunciates an emergency message from the public address system.

The Connect ONE weather monitoring module also detects condition changes such as rain, snow, ice, etc. These condition changes can be sent out as notifications and interact with systems onsite, initiating lockdowns, triggering output strobes and performing other actions. In addition, five key metrics are supported: temperature; relative humidity; wind speed; barometric pressure; and dew point. These metrics are monitored as zones within Connect ONE for viewing current status and generating low/high alarm notifications.

Weather service alert monitoring service provides detection of critical alerts for automatic processing via reporting and interaction event rules for notifications and system interaction including Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) translation for pushing messages to mass notification systems.

Weather alerts are categorized into five groups for easy filtering in reporting: environmental, extreme temperature, severe weather, extreme weather and general emergency. Additional filtering capabilities tailor notifications to the user such as: limiting to new alerts and not updates; only tornado warnings; severity condition; urgency of action; etc. Another capability allows the weather alert to trigger an automatic case compilation feature which tracks and records activity history and personnel responses.

The weather monitoring module is available to be added to any customer site subscribed to the Essential+ or Pro service level plans.