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November 5, 2019

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November 2019

New Playback Support Added for OpenEye, DW Spectrum, & ExcaqVision NVRs

A playback retrieval search option has been added to the Live Camera Stream 

Previously playback was only supported in conjunction with an event matched to an Event Rule.  Now the playback option is added for any camera at anytime and may be viewed on the live stream window of the camera.  This option is available at no additional charge for systems connected via an OpenEye, Digital Watchdog Spectrum, or ExcaqVision NVR.


API Options Expanded - Event Server Push

A new option has been added to the Connect ONE UserAPI, which allows for all or some (depending on report filters) of events to automatically be pushed to your customer's server for secondary logging.  The data is sent in an easily referenced JSON format which may be customized as they require.  Further the customer can implement the signing option to ensure event data validity and integrity.

Login Integration to Dealer Business Software

Dealers can now store a permalink to the "Login to Customer Site As Dealer" option into their own customer relationship management software.  Login to the Connect ONE Dealer Site to retrieve the link and simply click on the icon (referenced in highlight below) to copy and then paste it into a field within your CRM.  Now when customer support receives a call and has the customer open in their CRM, they can easily click the link to log directly into that customer's account in Connect ONE.  This can save valuable time on the call and help resolve the customer's issue as quickly as possible.

Login Profile Permission Added

System Profile Templates are a great option to pre-define permission options across multiple systems.  Now this feature can be enforced as the only option presented to a user when adding new System Codes.  This allows an Administrator to create an unlimited number of pre-defined profile templates and enforce those templates are the only option for a lower-level user to choose from when creating a new code.

Option added for DMP XR System Code

The option supported on DMP XR 150 & 550 panels which allows the system codes in positions 2-20 to be sent to connected z-wave lock(s) has now been added to Connect ONE.

Performance Improvements with Hundreds of Sites

We've always supported many site locations but now enhanced performance improvements have been made to not only make the application quick for a customer with a handful of locations to manage but now also a customer with hundreds of locations can enjoy the same quickness of application responsiveness.

Verizon CDMA Sunset Extended

Dealers which installed the Verizon CDMA based MultiTech MTR-C2 modem have received a short reprieve from Verizon.  Verizon announced they have extended the sunset date by one year from December 31, 2019 to December 31, 2020.

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