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February 14, 2020

Powered by Google Maps, GeoView lets users interact with their system solutions through real-time views of their facility. [Show All]

GeoView Mapping from Connected Technologies Gives Dealers and Users Remote, Zone-Specific Visibility Over Multiple Sites and Locations 

Powered by Google Maps, GeoView lets users interact with their system solutions through real-time views of their facility. 

Monument, Colo., February 14, 2020—GeoView from Connected Technologies, winner of an industry award for innovation, brings the power of Google Maps to the Connect ONE® cloud-hosted security management platform. With GeoView, users see the current status for all locations and installations instantly in a wide-area satellite map. Users drill down into each location for real-time alarm, health and system monitoring and control – with GeoView showing the exact zone and location on alarm or alert. GeoView lets dealers offer different levels of managed services for recurring monthly revenue while the end-user interacts consistently with the solution, making for a stickier, long-term customer. 

GeoView users have secure access to a map of their building(s) providing information at a glance through designated icons that indicate live system status. The size of the map view only opens to the boundaries of site locations, keeping views relevant to customer’s locations. 

Users get instant visual notification over the map for alarm activation—depicted with a flashing red icon; yellow a trouble condition; and green indicating good health status. All locations and status of systems installed are depicted on one screen. 

Users view and control equipment by clicking on icons of cameras, zones and sensors, doors and outputs, as well manage arming and disarming of intrusion systems.

Remote Command and Control

With GeoView, users can monitor activity and send commands with mouse clicks to remotely lock or unlock doors or tap into cameras for a quick look at the surveillance area(s). Overlay interior floor plans provide easy reference of equipment locations along with viewing and control, while the map of system and building particulars are easily modified if required. 

GeoView for Connect ONE is an RMR-generating service that differentiates dealers and helps lower attrition through its value proposition for end-user customers. It gives dealers more flexibility in customizing Connect ONE to fit their changing business goals and build their revenue streams. 

Tip: For example, dealers can provide their customers with viewing and control functions along with mapping status and the dealer can manage data changes such as users’ access credentials, schedules and reporting functions. Since GeoView is a module of the Connect ONE cloud-hosted service it can easily be set up or modified remotely from the integrator's office and doesn’t require an on-site technician.

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