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April 4, 2018

Connect ONE®… It’s All You Need [Show All]




Connect ONE®… It’s All You Need


A single, complete management solution that meets all your customer’s needs and lets you enter the profitable business of managed services.


Crystal Lake, IL, April 4, 2018—Security dealers and integrators don’t have the time or money to wade through dozens of security platforms and programs from various manufacturers. Think about all the training necessary for support, sales and technicians required when using multiple management platforms. It can become overwhelming. The single solution to meet the needs for all your customers and projects in every market vertical is Connect ONE® from Connected Technologies, LLC.


Cloud-hosted Connect ONE is the complete package—and an enabling technology for managed services and monthly recurring revenue streams. It lets security dealers offer security, access control, mobile credential access, video and critical environmental monitoring and more from one simplified user interface. There’s no having to learn a different program for each project, because Connect ONE does it all. There are no upfront costs or software to install and maintain and dealers only pay for the services they use.


With Connect ONE and the cloud you can add new services in a snap—like thermostat/energy management control for the bank or financial institution that’s closed on holidays, saving money on energy costs; weather reporting capabilities that automatically send information to devices to trigger closing skylights or overhead doors in the event of a storm; or even detailed history and systems reporting so customers have all the operational metrics they need at their fingertips.


Connect ONE makes it simple for security dealers to sell, install and manage all their services and information from one source. The Connect ONE dealer portal lets them add services or provide support and upkeep without having to roll a truck, a huge cost and labor savings. Not only is it easier for the dealer, but it’s simpler for the end-user who wants to manage all or some of their own services.


Here are a few of Connect ONE’s latest capabilities and integrations:


·         Connect ONE interfaces with the complete line of Bosch Security, DMP, Elk Products and Honeywell Turbo controls and provides an easy way to add managed services through the cloud.

·         DoorBird Video Doorbell integration, for residential and commercial customers, notifies users to their smartphones when an entrance button is pressed. Using the app, they can view live video, open doors and even initiate two-way-audio.

·         The Connect ONE Ticket Module streamlines the tracking of critical event responses, incidents and repair tickets at one or multiple locations. It interfaces directly with the Connect ONE security system application or can be deployed as a standalone service, with no control or on-site equipment.

·         ScanPass® Mobile Credential convenience application provides quick access control in a barcode-sticker solution that doesn’t require card readers or door controller hardware. Any smartphone, tablet or other connected device provides entrance accessibility.

·         Connect ONE also supports popular Nest indoor and outdoor cameras, allowing users to view and control all cameras from the single interface, even multiple locations at the same time.

·         The Connect ONE Gateway Module gets security dealers entrenched in the growing internet of Things. This easy to install and monitor module lets dealers track temperature, humidity and other critical environmental devices for agricultural, hospitality and other vertical markets. Emails and reports sent in real time alert managers with information about out-of-normal ranges or levels.


With Connect ONE, you don’t have to shop numerous vendors. It’s all in one platform. Connected Technologies excels at serving the dealer community and can help you work through any new challenges you might have so you can provide customers the individualized integrated security and access control services they are looking for.  We are receptive and responsive, giving dealers the timely service they deserve so they can continue on their way to greater profitability.


One common interface makes everything simpler and can make you a hero with your customer—as you can add what they need now or easily in the future. Contact us today so we can help you earn greater profitability while you boost your revenue base through managed services—with one single solution—Connect ONE.



About Connected Technologies LLC*

Connect ONE® and ScanPass® Mobile Credential are products of Connected Technologies, LLC. The Connect ONE cloud-hosted interface manages multiple solutions such as security, access control, mobile credential access, video, energy management and critical environmental monitoring with an easy-to-use platform accessible from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Our philosophy, and what makes us different, is that we continue to add as many value services as possible so dealers can become successful managed service providers and the vendor of choice for their customers.  If you don’t provide the services your customers need, someone else will. Connect ONE interfaces with the complete line of Bosch Security, DMP, Elk Products and Honeywell Turbo controls. For more information, visit or call 866.976.3520.

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