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August 22, 2017

New Service for Dealers Who Want to Take Their Business to the Next Level [Show All]


New Service for Dealers Who Want to Take Their Business to the Next Level

Provide your building and facilities management customers automatic notification capabilities with easy and seamless tracking of service, critical events, and incidents with the new Connect ONE® ticket module.

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Crystal Lake, IL, August 22, 2017— The Connect ONE® module was designed in response to end-user customers looking for streamlined methods to track critical event responses, incidents and repair tickets at one or multiple locations. The module interfaces directly with the Connect ONE security system application or can be deployed as a standalone service, requiring no control or on site equipment. Ideal for building and property management companies, multifamily and multi-tenant users or national accounts with numerous locations, it allows dealers to offer another value-added service and generate new monthly recurring revenue streams.



·         Creates and generates critical event, incident and repair tickets, targeting authorized respondents within the organization and other stakeholders with detailed information, including photos, on the issue and embedded tracking to make sure all exceptions or issues are addressed.

·         Establishes a chain of command and emails pre-populated through Connect ONE’s ticket rules of responsible parties, who can easily respond whether or not they are available to handle the issue. If someone is unavailable the issue transfers to the next available person. Only those currently responsible receive ongoing alerts.

·         Stores all history of the critical event or history of a repair at the facility or any location across the enterprise or campus.

·         Provides real-time notification and interaction of a critical or alarm event within a facility, automatically generating a ticket and notification and eliminating manual phone calls or text messages and confusion over who is handling the situation.

·         Shares information to all service and repair vendors in real time so they are apprised of the situation and current status.

·         Site and user information are already a part of the Connect ONE interface, so dealers just need to activate the module; no complex setup or programming.


Service/Repair Tracking

The module tracks service and repair tickets in real time, especially helpful in a large organization, facility or campus environment, ensuring prompt handling and remediation. It seamlessly notifies responsible parties with documents shared to all repair vendors simultaneously. It also stores the history of a repair and notifies responsible parties immediately of any actions taking place related to the service ticket.


Incident Case Management

The Connect ONE module tracks security related incidents and specific actions taken and remedies or if additional service may be required, including detailed reporting, work orders, history, photos, or other documentation uploaded directly to the ticket so all parties are apprised of current status.


Critical Event Response History Example

In the example of critical event environmental monitoring, a freezer alarm generated because of deviation from preset thresholds or inoperability notifies responsible parties via email or text message. A ticket is automatically created and the process follows preset rules on who to notify. The primary person responsible indicates whether or not they are handling the situation; if they are unable their response automatically pushes the notification to the next person in the queue. This avoids multiple parties showing up to handle the issue, or not having anyone handle it at all. The successful completion of service or next steps are also documented until the ticket is closed.


With this facility management application security dealers become more responsive, provide more value to their customers, and receive additional monthly reoccurring revenue. The Connect ONE ticket module provides a predictable work flow on building repairs, security and critical environmental monitoring, ensuring issues are handled and completed quickly and efficiently. Instead of just competing against others offering traditional interactive services, dealers can deliver comprehensive facility management in addition to intrusion detection and access control. The customer knows exactly what’s happening with their facility at every location, and what remedies have been taken or might be necessary.


For more information about the Connect ONE ticket module, visit or call 866.976.3520.


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