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February 17, 2017

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Connect ONE® now offers third-party services to third-party devices. 

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Crystal Lake, IL, February 17, 2017—Connected Technologies, LLC, Crystal Lake, Ill., continues to respond to new industry and market trends through the Connect ONE® Cloud-Hosted Service, including the exciting capability to add voice-initiated system control through home and mobile platform systems such as Siri and Google Assistant.  "With our new voice recognition control, monitoring of third party devices, that have email capabilities, integration with IFTTT (If This Then That) including geo-location, dealers have the ability to offer cutting-edge integration solutions and bundling a wide range of services that will provide new recurring monthly revenue (RMR) streams," explains Michael Simon, Managing Partner at Connected Technologies. 

Millennial customers are helping drive the integration of Internet of Things (loT) connectivity and want the latest solutions.  With voice commands and providing a personal identification number (PIN) end-user customers can activate devices to lock or unlock access doors, arm and disarm security systems along with other Connect ONE features as well as connecting to just about any device with email capabilities. 

The possibilities for added convenience are endless. Maybe your customer would like devices automatically activated when they reach their destination.  Or, perhaps your customer’s service business wants to know when one of their vehicles reaches a destination.  Geo-location notices and device activations are easily integrated into Connect ONE to provide this functionality. Through one single interface, Connect ONE, customers can connect to equipment that before was not available in security integration offerings.

Now if your customer asks: ‘Can you consolidate all my systems into one interface?’ your answer could be yes.


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