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November 13, 2023

Connect ONE® Adds New Visitor Management Features and Capabilities [Show All]


Connect ONE® Adds New Visitor Management Features and Capabilities 

Logs and registers visitors for real-time recordkeeping and safer premises in a unified platform. 

Monument, Colo., November 13, 2023—Connect ONE® takes the complexity out of managing visitors to the premises with registration and preregistration features that collects data on access around the facility, tracks the whereabouts of visitors and assesses the health and safety of individuals before they enter. Now, dealers and their customers have more data and details on visitors, adding new tangible value to access control in a unified platform. 

Keeping paper logs for visitor management doesn’t cut it any longer and lessons learned from the pandemic dictate that health and safety protocols for the workplace should also be in place. Connect ONE Visitor Management logs data like why the visitor is there, who they are seeing, which doors they passed through and when they checked in and out – all in one place.

Connect ONE Visitor Management provides tracking of visitors and guests and integration with access control systems, plus Safe Passage preregistration for self-approval of health, training and/or legal waivers. The purpose of the visit is also recorded in the preregistration process. Many of these new features can also apply with integration of external visitor management services. 

With Safe Passage, the visitor receives an email or text with a link to complete the authorization; no login for Connect ONE is required. There may be optional questions or waivers to answer or simply a signature required to continue. The template can also be set to capture the person's image from their phone or tablet, which is then stored in the approved document and can be applied as the visitor’s photo in the application for activity reference and/or badging capabilities.

Once a visitor user profile is designated, any users assigned to the profile are automatically flagged and filtered in reports and lists. New actions are also available for assigning a visitor to a host and applying check-in and check-out dates, noted as events to a visitor log. An assigned host option sends notification when the visitor checks in.  Other Connect ONE Visitor Management features include:

  • Preregistration/Check-In/Out - The visitor completes Safe Passage authorization, which may include visit purpose, legal waiver, NDA, health questionnaire, photo and signature capture, from their own device – cost effective and contactless. 
  • Host Notification - Custom messages notify hosts of the visitor’s time and area of check in. 
  • Tracking - Active visitors are recorded, listed on the in/out dashboard and added to Site Occupancy and Exit Exception Reports for mustering. 
  • Occupancy by Site - Lists all occupancy totals for all buildings by time, including visitors.
  • Visitor Logbook - All time-stamped check-in/out activity is logged in the Event Activity Report. Event rule filters can be specified on the fly with automatic reporting and filtering, while user permission can be set with an activation and/or expiration date.

For more information these new capabilities or the Connect ONE platform, visit Connect ONE, call (866) 976-3520 or email

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