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March 8, 2022

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Connect ONE: Your Customers' Productivity App ("Application")

Our focus is to help your customers do more quicker and easier!

Connect ONE is more than just a Security App, we continually enhance the usability so that it retains the objective to be a full-service productivity application. See the topic below in this newsletter for the latest enhancements.

Many organizations are experiencing staff shortages and increased turnover - your clients need tools to easily add and remove an employee no matter how complex the system permissions may be or how many locations they have to secure. The System Profile Templates are a great way to predefine permissions across one or many locations to simplify this process.

Accessing the site event & occupancy information shouldn't be complex either, the reports built-into Connect ONE show all relevant information on-demand and provide countless ways of automatically receiving important information at a frequency of their choice. Connect ONE doesn't limit information because then your customer has the complete information to make informed decisions and perform accurate investigations.

Commercial Systems do not need to be complicated, Connect ONE helps to Simplify the Management & Increase Productivity!


Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal

  • Monitor: The Monitor screens have been revamped with an updated Card style which supports up to 2-columns of information for status and control. Since more items can fit on the screen at one time, this reduces scrolling to find the information necessary. The original List layout may be toggled at the bottom of the results.
  • Commands / Connection: The system commands status has been improved to show more information about the current state of the connection to the system(s) of which commands are waiting or processing.
  • Filter Results By Site/Area: The Filter Results option has been enhanced to allow quicker access to Sites by reducing the associated Site Areas list with an option to expand or collapse the area options.
  • Site Occupancy Report: This report has been enhanced to include an occupancy utilization percentage of the associated Site. The percentage is derived by the number of users who accessed the site vs the number of users programmed into the system. To improve accuracy, the user count is based upon a person not the number of codes that person may have in the system.

Dealer Administrative Portal & System Updates

  • Pending Commands Improved: The Device->Pending Commands now provides enhanced messaging to easier understand the current connection status to the device.
  • DMP XR Series Lockdown Mode: When the DMP lockdown mode is initiated or reset via the keypad or by zone input change, for example - panic button activation, the mode change will propagate to Connect ONE to show the current lockdown status on the appropriate screens. This will provide an at-a-glance view of which systems are currently in lockdown mode.
  • Bosch B3512,B4512,B5512 Skeds Supported: Skeds are now supported for editing in the B series panels with firmware 3.09 or greater.
  • TIP: Check the Configuration page for the Device as it includes recommended programming for the particular product and firmware version.

TIP: SMS Messaging Enhancements

Connect ONE offers an enhanced SMS messaging service that provides reliable delivery as a true SMS message since it doesn't utilize the carrier email to text option. The expanded SMS service is subscribed on the customer level, please see the Connect ONE price guide for package information, the price guide is available on the Home tab of the Dealer Administration Portal. The carrier email to text option will continue to be included in the base service level at no additional charge.

This is a great option for critical messages which require reliable delivery and will continue without management changes if the customer changes cellular carriers since only their phone number is specified for delivery.


Did You Know? Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Along with the fire alarm modes of the Bosch and DMP combination control panels you may now also connect other commercial fire panels for full-data monitoring within Connect ONE.

Offer a single dashboard for security and fire alarm events and provide integration with mass notification systems as well as instant notification of events via email, text message, and/or app push.

Connect the fire alarm printer output to the RS-232 port on our Network Gateway for full-data event capture. Currently supported on Edwards, Firelite, & Notifier control panels. Please contact us for other manufacturer integrations.

Capabilities include:

  • Full-Data Event Capture
  • Automated Reports and Notifications
  • Onscreen Alerts
  • Integration with Video & Other Systems
  • Integration with Mass Notification Platforms via CAP Messaging

Connect ONE Network Gateway (Barix BarioNet)

Tip: Customer Add-On Modules

Add-on modules are super easy to setup for your customer - requiring little to no configuration - build more RMR!

  • Asset Management (NEW)
    • The Asset Management Module provides streamlined methods to track assets, such as keys, equipment, electronics, tools, inventory, etc., to locations and/or users including the generation of custom user authorization templates upon issuing and/or returning.
  • Badge Printing (InstantCard)
    • The InstantCard module works with the InstantCard Badge Service to push user photo and details to a badge template for physical badge printing.
  • Case Management
    • The Case Management Module provides streamlined methods to track critical event responses, incidents, and repairs at one or multiple locations. Ideal for building and property management companies, multifamily and multi-tenant users or national accounts with numerous locations.
  • Emergency Messaging Hub
    • The Emergency Messaging Hub provides a unified feed of emergency messages from multiple systems for an associated site. It works by receiving Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages from Mass Notification and other Emergency Response platforms and by translating device native events to the CAP format. All CAP messages are published to the hub for all external services to consume in a single atom feed.
  • GeoView System Mapping (MVP Award Winner 2019)
    • The GeoView System Mapping Module maps real-time status and control of systems to Google Maps. Easily drag/place markers for: System Health, Arm/Disarm Status & Control (Multi-Area), Zones & Sensors (including Environmental & Weather Sensors), Doors & Outputs, Cameras (also Live View within Map). Also, upload interior floorplans and overlay on top of the satellite image
  • Safe Passage (MVP Award Winner 2021)
    • The Safe Passage module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site regarding health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA.
  • Weather Monitoring
    • The Weather Monitoring Module monitors 6 weather metrics, updated every 30-60 minutes: 1. Temperature, 2. Relative Humidity, 3. Current Condition, 4. Wind Speed, 5. Barometric Pressure, 6. Dew Point. Each of the metrics can be programmed with a low and high threshold limit which can deliver notifications and interact with other devices onsite such as the alarm/access systems and thermostats. Historical reporting is also possible for each metric which can show readings recorded over a time period.

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