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August 5, 2021

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Safe Passage Wins 2021 MVP Award at ISC West 2021 for Access Control

Las Vegas, July 20, 2021—Safe Passage user authorization from Connect ONE® was honored with an industry-respected Most Valuable Product (MVP) award yesterday during ISC West in Las Vegas.

Safe Passage, a feature of the cloud-hosted Connect ONE management platform by Connected Technologies, topped seven other entries in the Access Control category. The annual competition is sponsored by Security Sales & Integration magazine, one of the longest-running trade publications in the industry. (Connect ONE previously won an MVP award in 2019 for GeoView, a Google Maps integration.)

Safe Passage controls facility entrances through the smartphone while providing a framework to admit or deny access immediately based on health/liability waivers or other criteria created by the user, including temperature checks, COVID-19 protocols or other compliance mandates.

Safe Passage allows administrators to create multiple profile templates, customized to the user and their level(s) and area(s) of access within the facility. Templates establish specific options, such as checkpoints, protected areas, approval and re-approval processes, custom messages and other requirements or documentation necessary for entry.

You can read more about how Safe Passage was put to work at an industrial manufacturing company in the Chicago area here.

Other notable features include:

  • Safe Passage is easy to deploy through the cloud, adding valuable services at the customer premises and additional revenue streams to the systems integration business -- without costly labor hours or additional hardware.
  • Safe Passage is flexible and scalable for the user, who can create multiple templates customized to the location, door and individual’s profile.
  • Safe Passage ensures the user is safe to be at the site in regard to health and/or hazard concerns and can be deployed for a one-time or periodic self-approval process depending on the facility’s current needs.

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Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal

  • Utilities Revamped: New tab style navigation for the maintenance options of a system plus the ability to print/export lists of areas, zones, and doors & outputs.

Dealer Administrative Portal

  • Recently Viewed Menu: A new navigation menu exists which tracks the customers and devices you access and provides quick and easy access to view those accounts again without needing to initiate repeated searches.
  • TIP: Check the Configuration page for the Device as it includes recommended programming for the particular product and firmware version.

Did You Know? Aperio Enabled Wireless Electric Strikes

Compatible with Connect ONE!

The HES ES100 Series Wireless Electric Strikes make retrofitting an opening with online access control simple and affordable.

For the first time, the industry-leading features of the HES 1500 and 1600 series electric strikes have been paired with Aperio wireless technology to provide even more affordable access control retrofit options for remote control and monitoring. Available in both Convenient (non-monitored) and Secure (monitored) model options. Compatible with most models of cylindrical and mortise latchbolt locksets, including 1" deadbolts. Simply put, the ES100 Series Electric Strike is the affordable universal retrofit solution that offers flexible configuration options and dynamic adjustability without the need to run wires.

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Tip: Customer Add-On Modules

Add-on modules are super easy to setup for your customer - requiring little to no configuration - build more RMR!

  • Asset Management (NEW)
    • The Asset Management Module provides streamlined methods to track assets, such as keys, equipment, electronics, tools, inventory, etc., to locations and/or users including the generation of custom user authorization templates upon issuing and/or returning.
  • Badge Printing (InstantCard)
    • The InstantCard module works with the InstantCard Badge Service to push user photo and details to a badge template for physical badge printing.
  • Case Management
    • The Case Management Module provides streamlined methods to track critical event responses, incidents, and repairs at one or multiple locations. Ideal for building and property management companies, multifamily and multi-tenant users or national accounts with numerous locations.
  • Emergency Messaging Hub
    • The Emergency Messaging Hub provides a unified feed of emergency messages from multiple systems for an associated site. It works by receiving Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages from Mass Notification and other Emergency Response platforms and by translating device native events to the CAP format. All CAP messages are published to the hub for all external services to consume in a single atom feed.
  • GeoView System Mapping
    • The GeoView System Mapping Module maps real-time status and control of systems to Google Maps. Easily drag/place markers for: System Health, Arm/Disarm Status & Control (Multi-Area), Zones & Sensors (including Environmental & Weather Sensors), Doors & Outputs, Cameras (also Live View within Map). Also, upload interior floorplans and overlay on top of the satellite image
  • Safe Passage
    • The Safe Passage module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site in regard to health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA.
  • Weather Monitoring
    • The Weather Monitoring Module monitors 6 weather metrics, updated every 30-60 minutes: 1. Temperature, 2. Relative Humidity, 3. Current Condition, 4. Wind Speed, 5. Barometric Pressure, 6. Dew Point. Each of the metrics can be programmed with a low and high threshold limit which can deliver notifications and interact with other devices onsite such as the alarm/access systems and thermostats. Historical reporting is also possible for each metric which can show readings recorded over a time period.

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