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February 4, 2021

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February 2021

Simplified & Secure Access Control with Intrusion & Aperio

A secure new way for access control applications

There are many advantages of providing an integrated security system, one which combines both intrusion and access control.  However, some times the system becomes complex in handling both tasks.  

Utilizing the Aperio wireless, specifically the Securitron R100 reader, the Connect ONE Access Expander, and a relay output on your preferred intrusion control panel, the simplification can begin.  The access expander processes the access request from the Aperio readers along with the associated intrusion status as well as controlling the intrusion arm/disarm action as necessary.  If access is granted it will activate the mapped intrusion panel relay to unlock the door.  So far the process should feel very familiar if you are experienced with an integrated control panel.  

The difference comes from the ease of permission control which is provided in the access expander and does not have to follow the typical control panel area scheme.  With System Profiles in the access expander, on most of Connect ONE intrusion panel integrations, the permissions for access are separated from alarm areas and doors, so you no longer need to program additional areas just to specify permission by door.

Another big benefit of this approach with the Securitron R100 reader is the additional security it provides.  Hardwire readers on the non-secure side of the door, i.e. outside of the intrusion protection, may be open to tampering.  For instance, a wiegand based interface may be exposed to hacking attempts, a power short could defeat keypad bus circuits and/or overload the panel, and Ethernet based readers provide an easy method to patch into the network.  The fully encrypted wireless technology readers remove every one of those vulnerabilities.

Lastly, the reader, being all wireless, provides the ultimate flexibility in mounting location which simplifies the installation and provides for a more accurate bid since labor costs are known.

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Securitron R100 with Aperio Wireless


Support Access Lockout

A new feature is available called the "Support Access Lockout" which is designed for when there are customer privacy concerns or a higher level of security is required by your customer.  It is selectively enabled per customer and as such until enabled for the first time, your customer will not see any reference to this feature. 

Once enabled, from the Dealer Site go to Customer then Customer Info, you will lose access to login to the customer site as well as control functions such as arming, door control, etc.  However, you will still be able to send and receive information, assign areas, reset sensors, silence alarms, and other management level functions. 

And your customer will now be able to toggle the lockout from Utilities in their application, available in both the web browser and iOS/Android Apps.  The user will need View & Modify permission to Utilities to be able to toggle the lockout mode.  Every enable/disable of the lockout is logged as an event which is reviewable in Reports and may also be setup in an Event Rule for notification.

Along with the lockout feature you may also optionally turn on the ability for the customer to see your activity which will also include the ability to be notified of dealer activity events.  This is a customer level option, so you only need to enable it for customers which require it.  Also, it will only show the name of your company who logged in or made the change, it will not show the individual employee name.  On the Dealer Site you will continue to see who specifically made the change.

To enable, go to the Customer from the Dealer Site, click on Customer Options from the menu on the left and check the Show Dealer Events option and hit Save.  Now the customer will see dealer events in the Activity log as well as an option under Users in the Report filters.

Armed Areas displayed alongside Doors & Outputs

For added convenience of not needing to switch back and forth between the Security page and the Doors & Outputs page, if the associated area of the door is armed it will appear alongside the doors.  This way the intrusion area may be disarmed at the same time as unlocking the door.

Connect ONE App Supported on Apple Mac M1

The Connect ONE iOS App is fully supported on Apple Mac products utilizing the new Apple M1 processor.  Now your customer can use the App or the browser version on their Mac.

Did You Know? Connect ONE includes COVID Screening

The Safe Passage Module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site in regard to health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA.

An administrator may create multiple safe passage templates. They may specify a name, description, re-approval interval, required checkpoint(s), protected area(s), custom messages, and custom terms which need to be answered properly to be approved. When a user is applied to the template, they may be applied to multiple templates via their profile, they will receive an email which contains a link for them to complete the terms of the template.

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Tip: Use SmartShow Virtual Accounts for Sales Demos

It's simple to use the industry's first tailored virtual demonstration, dealers can target specific markets - including Residential; Medical Facilities; Food Service Industries; Education; Commercial and Multi-Tenant; and Banking and Financial Facilities. Prospects will know you have the capabilities they need in an instant with SmartShow. We recommend you checkout the tutorial in the Dealer Manual and/or watch the video from the Home tab on the Dealer Site on how to create your free SmartShow virtual accounts, no hardware is required.  Contact us to learn more.

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