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June 4, 2020

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June 2020

Cloud Badge Printing Integration with InstantCard

Valuable new service offering for your customers

A new integration is now available with a cloud badge printing service, InstantCard.  You can become a dealer/distributor with InstantCard ( which allows you to create custom badge templates for your customer and InstantCard handles the printing and shipping of the badge to your customer.  The integration with Connect ONE allows your customer to associate a user with a badge template to automatically supply the user information and image to the template at InstantCard, and your customer can complete an order for a badge print all on their own.  As a dealer/distributor you will receive revenue sharing from InstantCard with this service, contact them today to get started, let them know you need the Connected Technologies - Connect ONE integration enabled on your account.


Ecobee WIFI Thermostats Now Supported

Ecobee WIFI thermostats are now supported in Connect ONE.  For technicians they are easy to install and configure without the necessity of a mobile phone app.  Some thermostats require a mobile phone app to configure the WIFI network setup which can be cumbersome since the app requires an end-user account configuration.  For the Connect ONE integration, the end-user does need to activate a free Ecobee account but this can be done online from a PC web browser.

Once the thermostats are configured within Connect ONE your customer will be able to view real-time data and make on-the-fly adjustments.  Thermostats may also be closely integrated with alarm or access systems so upon arming the thermostats in the area will automatically switch to the alternate schedule mode, saving energy.  Then upon disarming the thermostats in the area will automatically switch back to the standard schedule mode.

A full schedule programming may be configured as well as the ability to batch the program to multiple thermostats.

Also, some thermostat configuration options may be configured.

Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR Integration Improved

Connect ONE can now send and receive events to and from the Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR.  Utilizing the DW Cloud, this does not require any port forwarding configuration on the customers’ network.

One example of receiving events can be to monitor the health status of the NVR.  Another example could be used for special logging of activity or analytic events generated on the NVR.  All of the Connect ONE Event Rules can be activated in response to the NVR events, such as report logging, notifications to users, system control – arming, disarming, output control, lockdown, etc.

Pushing system events to the NVR is also now supported.  Any event can be sent to the NVR such as arming, alarm, access, trouble, audit changes.  To configure, create an Interaction->Event Rule with the action type Trigger System Event Push from the Customer Site.  The event ‘Source’ will be set to the following depending on what information is available: Site / Area, Site / System, User, [Event Rule]. The ‘Caption’ sent will contain the Event Type description such as Access Granted.  The ‘Description’ sent will contain the event text from the Location/Comment field.   Events received by the NVR may be used to record bookmarks, trigger a camera preset, increase recording quality, etc.

Interaction -> Time Rule Zone Status Exception Improved

The Time Rule for checking Zone Exception Status has been improved.  Now the exception check happens once per minute which allows for greater control of timing to produce Time Violation events for notification if a zone stays in exception status (Alarm, Trouble, etc.) for longer than the desired duration set in the Time Rule.

This is a great option for door prop events and environmental sensors, such as temperature probes.  In the case of temperature probes, a Time Rule may be created to check if the probe stays in alarm status for longer than X minutes.  If this happens then a Time Violation event will be generated indicating the current temperature and programmed threshold which can be sent out for notifications.  Now your customer can receive more than one notification of the temperature alarm, once when the temperature exceeds the programmed threshold and a second notification when the temperature remains beyond the threshold for a designated period of time.

User Management Improvements

The user delete/deactivate options now automatically apply the same action to the user’s system codes.  Previously a second confirmation was required for the user to apply the action to the system codes, in practice this step was occasionally misunderstood.  Now the initial delete or deactivate confirmation informs the user of how the operation will also apply to system codes without requiring any additional action by the user.  If the user wishes to retain the codes for some reason they can first un-assign the codes from the current user and then perform the deactivation or deletion. 

Further Improvements:

    On code+pin systems an error will show to the user if they attempt to apply a pin for a profile which doesn't require it, this conforms to the control panel requirement.


    Now the Forgive button will not be shown when anti-passback is not enabled in any System Profile, which should help prevent any confusion for customers which aren’t using anti-passback and don’t understand what it means to forgive a user.


    An improvement has been made to the System Code status to include terminology when a code is pending activation or pending expiration.


    Lastly, if a System Code is inactive and has an expiration date set in the past when the user chooses to Save & Activate, the previous expiration date will automatically be cleared and the code will be become active.

Customer Option -> Code Duplication Feature

A new customer level option may be enabled by the dealer which allows the customer-wide code duplication check to be overridden by the customer on a user-by-user basis. If enabled, while the customer is adding/editing the code, if a duplicate exists in some other system, they will see the duplication error yet will be provided with a prompt to override this security restriction by confirming they understand the risks yet want to continue with the duplicate entry anyway. By making this a customer option you enable on the dealer site, all of your other customers will still operate in the same way without any new prompt to avoid confusion. This method ensures they are reminded each time of the concerns of duplication across sites and still shows them the duplicate exists.

From the Dealer Site, go to the Customer then click on the customer name and then go to Customer Options on the left side.  Set the Duplicate Codes option as shown in the screenshot below.

Now your customer will see a prompt to override the customer-wide duplicate rule, see screenshot below.  This will not show if there is a duplicate on the same system as this is still not allowed.  If they choose to override, then the audit trail will include a message that they added/edited the code and the duplicate security rule was overridden.

Temporary Interaction -> Event Rule Bypass by Date

Your customer can now set a specific time/date to temporarily bypass Event Rule actions.  Previously the option was limited to a preset 2 hour window.  This is a great option for system maintenance testing as notifications and other actions will be skipped temporarily until such time that maintenance/testing is complete.

FAQ: Filtered Results Indication

Question: Why is a user only seeing one site when their login profile allows viewing of multiple sites?

The user previously saved a filter preference which is limiting their viewing results.  They can go to any Monitor page, select Options then Filter Results and change their preferences.  Also, now a button will appear at the top of any Monitor page labeled ‘Results Filtered’ as a reminder, pressing this button will show them options to view/modify their preferences.

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