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April 7, 2020

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April 2020

IP Video Halo IoT Smart Sensor Integration

Vape, Sound, Air Quality, & Chemical Monitoring

Integration with the IP Video Halo IoT Smart Sensor simplifies critical vape, sound, air quality, and chemical monitoring capabilities for education, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, and food processing customers to provide instant notification of events via onscreen, email, text message, and push notifications.

Detection capabilities include:

  • Audio Analytics: Abnormal Noise Level, Coming Soon: Gunshot Detection & Keywords
  • Air Quality: Vape, THC, Smoke, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Particulates
  • Chemical: Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen
  • Light: Occupancy, Sensitivity
  • Environmental: Temperature, Humidity, Tamper, Pressure
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DMP Instant Arming Modes Now Supported

A new "Arming Mode" option has been added for DMP systems on the Device->General page of the Dealer Site.  The option enables Instant arming commands shown in screenshots below when using the Home/Sleep/Away option or the All/Perimeter option.  There continues to be an option to hide the Instant arming modes if desired.

OpenEye Integration Improved

The video integration with OpenEye systems has been improved for increased compatibility with certain systems when using the soon to be released Apex version 2.1 firmware.

TIP: Customer Options During COVID-19

Did you know the Connect ONE Lockdown function can deactivate door schedules and certain users.  The users' login profile has an option labeled "Enable Lockdown Deactivation", when checked all users belonging to the profile will be deactivated when the lockdown is enabled.  Multiple profiles can have this option enabled.  This way your customer can ensure only authorized personnel are able to access the facility during a COVID-19 lockdown.

Likewise you can also individually deactivate system profiles to temporarily remove access and individually deactivate door schedules to keep doors locked.

Another Tip which may have value to your customer is in regard to notifications which can be limited to notify of events only when the individual has had recent activity at the site.  This ensures the notification is only sent to individuals which have a good chance of still being onsite at the time of the event.  If your customer has exit readers at their facility then the user's activity can be configured to be cleared immediately after swiping at the reader to exit, this ensures they will not receive the notification which might occur after the leave.  Screenshot below shows how to configure the Event Rule action with the Last Activity parameter.

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