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August 6, 2019

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August 2019

Access Expander: Up to 100,000 System Code Capacity

Another exciting value add feature is now available!

DMP XR Series Panels:

  • 10,000 System Users
  • Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using Cards, Keyfobs (requires panel firmware 113 or greater), or ScanPass Mobile Credentials
Bosch B/G Series:
  • Up to 2,000 System Users
  • Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using ScanPass Mobile Credentials
Elk M1 Series:
  • 199 System Users
  • Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using Keypad Codes, Cards, Keyfobs, or ScanPass Mobile Credentials
Honeywell Vista Turbo Series:
  • Up to 250 System Users
  • Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using ScanPass Mobile Credentials

More Access Expander Features:
  • 200+ Total Doors (doors expanded when used with ScanPass Mobile Credentials)
  • 1,000 Permission Profiles
  • 250 Time Windows
  • 50 Holidays
  • Instant Always-On VPN Communication with Connect ONE


NEW - End-User Training Video

We've recently released an End-User Training Video, available at the link below and also accessible from the Dealer Site->Home tab under Technical.

Dealer Default Customer Options

Upon dealer request there is now the possibility of setting default customer options for all of your Connect ONE customers.  The options include dealer logo, color scheme, navigation menu titles, and more.  Each option may be overridden per customer by selecting individual options for the specific customer.

UserAPI Improvement & Price Reduction

An improvement to the UserAPI has been released with additional methods for easier integration coding and also added methods for adding, modifying, and deleting tickets, see Ticket Module Add-On below for more information on this topic.  

In addition we've also reduced the cost of the UserAPI as it is now a global fee per customer rather than previously there was a cost for each device on the customer account.

Expanded System Code Import

The system code import function has been improved whereas now you can also import login name, password, login profile, and email address for a user.  In addition you can now also batch email the new user's login information as an option after the import is completed.  This makes adding several users at one time via a spreadsheet extremely convenient since now even the notification to the user is automated.

Bosch B/G Series Code Retrieval Speed Improvement

A new feature added to Bosch B/G series control panels firmware is now supported which greatly speeds up the retrieval of user codes from the control panel into Connect ONE.  In the past all 2,000 codes needed to be queried even if the code didn't exist, now only the configured users will be queried which improves the speed of the operation dramatically.

Ticket Module - Service Company Add-On Level

A new add-on to the Ticket Module designed for service companies is now available.  The new add-on increases the storage space from 5GB to 50GB, allows 3rd party software integration via the UserAPI, and provides the ability for signature capture on both the mobile and web interfaces.  

Using the UserAPI, your customer database software can issue tickets to the Connect ONE Ticket Module, the technician can complete the ticket in Connect ONE, obtain customer signatures, and lastly your customer database software can issue a retrieval of the ticket details completed by the technician.  Service tickets can now become paperless!

We will have more exciting news coming soon in regards to a work order integration partnership underway with a customer database software provider.

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