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July 2, 2018

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July 2018

Digital Watchdog and Connected Technologies Forge New Technology Partnership

Seamless integration now possible between DW Spectrum and Connect ONE® cloud platform.

DW Spectrum and Connect ONE can be integrated via direct network connection or DW Cloud. The cloud integration between DW Cloud and Connect ONE’s cloud service eliminates the need to connect to an IP address or to open an inbound port on the end user’s network firewall. Once connected, users can retrieve a camera list for quick and easy configuration, view live video, record snapshots upon an event from the Intrusion/Access System for video verification or review a 10-second Pre-Event and up to 45-second Post-Event video clip.

Connected Technologies Press Release

Digital Watchdog Press Release

Bosch Releases Firmware v3.05 for B/G Intrusion Panels

Bosch recently released firmware version 3.05 for the B and G series intrusion control panels.  This new exciting version allows for Connect ONE and the Bosch zwave module to co-exist on the panel.  It also allows for much easier configuration since you no longer need to program the personal notification for event log streaming when using the Remote Connect Service; the event log is sent in real-time automatically to Connect ONE.  Also, a new service level is possible to send real-time zone/point status updates.  This allows even more feedback and control options from the panel as zone status changes can be notified without needing to generate alarm/trouble conditions.


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