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April 3, 2018

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April 2018

Introducing ScanPass Mobile Credential with Auto-Scan

We’re happy to announce a new feature for ScanPass Mobile Credentials called Auto-Scan.

Auto-Scan allows you to simply press the Connect ONE App and present the phone to the door. That’s it. When Auto-Scan is disabled the user must press the ScanPass icon on the App and then present the phone to the door. Auto-Scan simplifies and cuts down on the entry time for accessing the door.

Integrated Support for Geovision IP Cameras

We recently added support for Geovision IP Cameras. These cameras support authentication protection supported in all browsers and in both the Apple and Android Applications.


New Time Saving Feature when Configuring IP Cameras

Now you can setup multiple cameras within the same device account even though the cameras are assigned to different IP addresses and ports. This is a more convenient option than creating a new device account for each IP camera as was previously required, saving on setup time.


Did You Know?

ScanPass Mobile Credentials are available for integration with ELK M1, Bosch B/G, DMP XR, and Honeywell Vista-Turbo control panels.  Expanding the access control panel capability to 200+ doors.

Dealers have seen success in selling ScanPass Mobile Credentials and End Users are realizing the cost savings of not needing to purchase readers and cards.  

Access Control has never been so affordable.

Contact us to try ScanPass on a virtual demo at your office for no cost.

View a case study with ScanPass Mobile Credentials,


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