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April 3, 2017

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April 2017

Push Notifications

Another method of notification now possible with the Connect ONE® Android and Apple Apps

Your customer can now enjoy push messages to their mobile device as another method of notification options which already included email, text messaging, and onscreen alerts.  Push notifications are enabled through the use of custom Event Rules.  Rules are 100% flexible in configuring what type of events and when to receive the notification.  In addition, the push notification can be configured to be silent or audible and may be individually enabled per mobile device.  They also follow the bypassing method which allows you to temporarily turn off the notifications while your on-site testing the system.

In order to use the new push notification feature, the app must be updated to version 3.7.2, available from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


User Badges

A new feature has been released to support user badge creation.  A new button exists within a user record, called Badge.  This opens a browser window, see screenshot, which shows a badge image that comprises of the user's image, name, and up to 4 custom fields which can be edited by your customer.  The badge can be printed horizontally or vertically, as well as downloaded as a JPEG image.  There is also an Export button which downloads a csv (comma separated values) file that can be used to import into the customer's external badging software.


One Dealer's Request Can Benefit All of Us

Several new features have been added:
  • The Lockdown option can now be completely disabled by dealer configuration.  This allows for a better customer experience when lockdown doesn't really apply to the application.  As was the case, Lockdown is also hidden when the customer does not have any access doors on any system.
  • Another new dealer configuration option will hide area, zone, door, code, etc. numbers from event text.  This can make the event text appear easier to understand by only including item names and hiding the item numbers.  For example, instead of an access event detailing: "Door:1 Front Door", you can hide the number and it will show as: "Door:Front Door".

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