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March 24, 2017

Reason #10: Designed for Customers with Multiple Sites [Show All]

    Managing Multiple Sites Made Quick and Easy – Saving Time and Money

    Connect ONE allows customers with multiple site locations the convenience of viewing, controlling, and managing all their systems on one screen.  Now your customer with several locations can manage all their buildings and people as if they were all under ONE roof.

    Inputting a user is fast because the information only has to be entered once and then can be selectively batched to all their other locations.  Likewise with deactivating a user, one click can remove a user from multiple locations.

    Connect ONE servers are constantly being updated with information from all customer locations thus obtaining event reports only takes seconds for one or all sites.

    So if you have customers with multiple locations, show them the simple and easy way to manage their systems using Connect ONE.  Once they experience the time savings, which also saves their company money, not only will you have a long time loyal customer but your company will have a constant, predictable, and new monthly recurring revenue stream.

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