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March 9, 2017

Reason #9: Become a Provider of Critical Information [Show All]

Your business should be - provider of critical information

    The business up the road with the aviary or the poultry farmer – did you know you can help them with simple devices to control temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide?  How about being able to monitor for carbon dioxide (used and stored for mixing soft drinks) in restaurants, greenhouse clients concerns about elevated CO2 gases and plant health or general indoor air quality? It’s not security, but it fits in your wheelhouse now, especially with the growing number of connected devices coming your way courtesy the internet of things.

    Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide combination sensors can quickly attain a strong return on investment in protecting birds, poultry, livestock and other animals or plants. For security dealers, this is your opportunity to expand your services to the burgeoning world of information technology and security – easily with the help of Connect ONE® from Connected Technologies LLC. We’ve developed an easy to install and monitor (via the internet) Gateway Module that can accommodate up to three tracking devices for agricultural, hospitality or many other vertical markets and send emails and reports in real time to managers with need-to-know information about out of normal ranges or levels. There’s no need for an alarm control panel, only internet connectivity via cellular or other means. It’s practically plug and play, and a great way to expand and elevate your business with new services critical to business managers – while you earn new streams of recurring monthly revenue.

    Don’t limit your business by stopping with security. Consider yourself a provider of critical information.  Your customers will thank you.

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