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March 7, 2017

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March 2017

Critical Carbon Dioxide Monitoring & Historical Logging

Carbon Dioxide sensing joins temperature & humidity in the list of monitored conditions of Connect ONE’s alerting and historical reporting functions.  Now your customer can view the real-time carbon dioxide level of a room as well as receive alerts if the pre-defined low or high thresholds are reached.  Also, the carbon dioxide level can be logged for historical reporting.  The logging intervals are the same as temperature & humidity sensors, which are: 1, 2, 4, or 6 times per day, or bi-hourly, hourly, or semi-hourly. 

Carbon Dioxide monitoring is critical for:

  • Agriculture including livestock monitoring
  • Greenhouses to promote bigger and healthier plant growth
  • Beverage & Hospitality where carbon dioxide is stored and leaks need to be detected
  • Indoor Air Quality

The Network Gateway module is required to monitor carbon dioxide.  It will accept up to three combination temperature/humidity/carbon dioxide sensors (previously only one sensor could be connected), as well as up to fifty 1-wire temperature sensors and probes.


Onscreen Alerts Now Have More Applications

We’ve expanded the onscreen alert notifications for more uses including door bell applications.  Previously onscreen alerts could either be silent or audible with an alarm siren tone. 

Now there are a total of 5 onscreen alert modes:
  • Low – which is a silent alert that automatically clears
  • Medium – a silent alert which needs to be acknowledged
  • High – an audible alert with chime tone
  • Critical – an audible alert with siren tone
  • Chime – an audible alert with chime tone for 5 seconds and automatically clears, i.e. a door bell application.
Onscreen alerts can be used for any combination of event triggers and multiple modes can be used simultaneously depending on the event.


One Dealer's Request Can Benefit All of Us

Several new features have been added:
  • Added an Area Number assignment option to Temperature, Humidity, and Carbon Dioxide sensors connected to a Network Gateway - this allows for flexible grouping and permission options, previously all sensors were assigned to a 24 Hour Area.
  • Added a Name field to Time Rules so they can be searched and sorted by name
  • Added a Duplicate button to Reports - reports can now be duplicated, i.e copied, then one item changed and saved, this makes it easier when creating multiple reports with only minor differences
  • Added a Duplicate button to Login Profiles
  • Added a List of Assigned Users to a Login Profile, shown when editing the profile
  • Added a Duplicate button to System Profiles

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