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December 13, 2016

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December 2016

Nest Indoor/Outdoor Cameras for Live Video/Audio

Dealers installing Nest cameras can now offer Live Video/Audio and Video Verification with Connect ONE

We are excited to announce support for Nest indoor and outdoor cameras.  Now you can install Nest cameras for your customer and they may be viewable within Connect ONE which includes video and audio.  This includes the ability to view multiple locations on the same screen.  Support also includes capturing snapshots via Video Verification rules.  Video Verification can occur for any event including but not limited to alarm and access events.


One Dealer's Request Can Benefit All of Us

A new report detailing system codes that are expiring soon or have already expired can now be generated.

A new option has been added to the report filters to select users by profile.  This provides a method to easily select a group of users rather than each user individually.  Also it allows for simpler interaction event rule management, since if a profile is selected as the filter, the rule will automatically include a new user in the profile.  Previously the report filter would have to be updated so that the new user is reflected in the rule.

The User API service has also been updated to include a lookup request method by system code name, previously the lookup request method only allowed lookup by user name.

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