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October 11, 2016

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October 2016

Financial Firm Selects ScanPass® Mobile Credential

DebtPayProGrowing CRM provider favors real-time security and human resources accountability


A growing financial services and payment processing company headquartered in the northwest suburbs of Chicago was looking for a higher level of security and human resources accountability for its 5,000-square-foot facility. Ultimately, Debt Pay, Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill., a Software as a Service (SaaS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider which handles sensitive financial data, selected ScanPass® Mobile Credential powered by Connect ONE® as the access control and security management solution for the main entrance and select areas.


With ScanPass Mobile Credential, Kris Kehler, chief executive officer (CEO), said he receives real-time video and access control reporting, which not only assists with security but provides detailed information on who among the 30 employees entered the offices and when. ScanPass Mobile Credential is integrated with a Hikvision high-resolution IP network camera, so Kehler can view video of who is entering the suite during off hours, holidays or other specific time frames. 

The system is controlled by an ELK Products M1 intrusion detection panel, with ScanPass Mobile Credential integrating seamlessly and allowing users to arm and disarm the alarm via the smartphone. After presenting a valid smartphone mobile credential the door unlocks and the alarm automatically turns off. If that person does not have alarm privileges the office door will not unlock. The system can be armed at the end of the day with the smartphone, which also documents who initiated the alarm system.  This feature makes it even easier to use the alarm system, especially users who only arm the system periodically, because there are no codes to remember. 

Administering the integrated suite of financial Debt Pay Pro CRM software for hundreds of clients also requires a large amount of capital equipment that needed protection at the headquarters. Debt Pay Pro manages customer solutions for debt settlement, student loan consolidation, credit repair and practice management and provides other CRM tools.

“We needed a higher level of security than traditional locks at the entrance,” said Kehler. “We have a lot of computer equipment, fixed assets, with sensitive and confidential data. We had ScanPass Mobile Credential installed at the main door, my office and other areas and integrated with the network camera at the front receptionist area.” ScanPass Mobile Credential is unique in that it uses only a barcode sticker affixed at the point of entrance to identify the door to be opened, so users with a smartphone, tablet, iPad or any device with a camera and WiFi or cellular connectivity can gain entry. It requires no software to install or maintain, eliminating access control cards/fobs and the installation of readers and door controllers.


ScanPass Mobile Credential was put to the test when an employee was terminated and their access credentials needed to be revoked. “We had an incident after the system was installed that validated the importance of having this safeguard. With the system we were able to make sure a former employee could not get back into the suite, which was simple to do with ScanPass Mobile Credential,” Kehler said. Kehler liked how quick and easy it was to delete credentials through the Connect ONE user interface, especially for the irate terminated employee.

The ability to receive immediate notification via smartphone for authentication of access control activities is another feature Kehler said boosts security. “I have greater control over who comes in and at what time and receive daily activity reports. The mobile app is flawless, as well as the desktop version of the ScanPass Mobile Credential/Connect ONE User Interface.”

“Having a security system like ScanPass Mobile Credential is a must with the amount of sophisticated equipment and electronics-based customer files we have. We are growing and there’s definitely the potential to add the solution to new offices in another location.”

Bosch B/G Control Panels Now Support ScanPass® Mobile Credential

ScanPass Mobile Credential is the next generation in simplifying access control integrations.No longer is it necessary to purchase or install readers, cards or fobs, reducing system costs for both dealers and their customers.

Installation is as easy as putting a barcode sticker on the door.  A smartphone reads the barcode to identify the door and a unique credential in the phone is used to identify the individual. ScanPass is managed the same as a card or fob. It's that simple!

Compatible with:
NEW! Bosch B/G Series (B3512, B4512, B5512, B6512, B8512G, B9512G)
ELK M1 Gold and EZ8 Control Panels
DMP XR150, XR350, and XR550 Control Panels

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Monthly Automated Reports Added

A security dealer of a multi-location bank institution asked us for monthly open/close reports rather than the current daily or weekly options.  The bank's financial auditors required a monthly log and therefore the bank manager requested to receive a monthly report rather than piece together multiple weekly reports.  As always we were happy to accommodate their request and now all of your customers on the PRO service level have an option for Daily, Weekly, and/or Monthly automated reports.

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