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September 6, 2016

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September 2016

Differentiate Your Company and Open New Doors of Opportunity with ScanPass® Mobile Credential


ScanPass Mobile Credential is the next generation in simplifying access control integrations.No longer is it necessary to purchase or install readers, cards or fobs, reducing system costs for both dealers and their customers.

Installation is as easy as putting a barcode sticker on the door.  A smartphone reads the barcode to identify the door and a unique credential in the phone is used to identify the individual. ScanPass is managed the same as a card or fob. It's that simple!

Since we began promoting ScanPass, integrators have told us about how it is the long awaited solution to some of their problems. For example, it can remove the frustration of trying to gain access to a parking garage when your fob is on your key chain, in the ignition. Also, others have said that the time required to maintain cards and fobs, especially for transient users such as service providers and temporary employees, is greatly reduced.

Using ScanPass, projects can be completed in less time.  With that said, being able to complete projects in less time than conventional access systems, dealers will garner more Monthly Recurring Revenue accounts.

ScanPass is exclusive to the Connect ONE Access Expander and will provide you the ability to offer 10,000 users, 1,000 profiles, & 200+ doors from a single control panel. ScanPass can work independently or in tandem with a reader.

Compatible with:
ELK M1 Gold and EZ8 Control Panels
DMP XR150, XR350, and XR550 Control Panels
Bosch B/G Series when combined with an ELK M1 Control Panel for ScanPass

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The Perfect Solution to Simplifying Systems Integration

Commercial ALL IN ONE Package from Connect ONE® pre-engineered for quick-start

We’ve all been there. Struggling to add integrated services for the customer and throwing up our hands in frustration over the exercise of putting together a cutting-edge specification that’s cost effective, simple to deploy and works seamlessly.

Why should you reinvent the wheel for every customer when you don’t have to? As former dealers we have the perfect solution called the Connect ONE® Commercial  ALL IN ONE Package. It’s completely turnkey out of the box with access control, intrusion, HVAC and lighting control, temperature monitoring and video verification.  It’s easy to make more money, add customers and gain additional recurring monthly revenue with the Connect ONE Commercial ALL IN ONE Package.


If you were just handed a magic wand...

As the security industry evolves through new technology advancements what is the one, or maybe several, functions or service offerings you look for before choosing the best provider?

If those services or functions were nowhere to be found and you could wave your technology magic wand, what would you create to help reach the goals and aspirations you have for your company?

Let us know, we may be able to design something for you, and together we can watch your company reach the potential you always knew was possible.

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Bosch Remote Connect Support

Bosch's Remote Connect service offers connectivity for Connect ONE and RPS without port forwarding and it universally allows for ethernet and/or cellular connection options.  Network connections are provided with the onboard ethernet port and cellular connections are provided using the Bosch cellular radio add-on module.  Router and firewall configuring is no longer necessary when using he Remote Connect service.


Bosch B6512 Control Panel Support

Connect ONE now supports the latest Bosch B series control panel, the B6512, which:
  • Provides up to 96 points using a combination of hardwired or wireless devices for installation flexibility and up to 6 areas with perimeter and interior control
  • On-board Ethernet port for Conettix IP alarm communication and remote programming, compatible with modern IP networks including IPv6/IPv4, Auto-IP, and Universal Plug and Play
  • Provides up to 4 access doors

Improved Usability Updates

Email with Login Instructions

A new time saving feature has been added which can automatically generate an email, to a created user login, all of the necessary instructions to login to the Connect ONE application.  It will also randomly generate a password that the user can change when they login.  The random password ensures strong security.  The login instruction email may be generated from the Customer Site or the Dealer Site, allowing the dealer a quick and convenient method to emailing a new customer their login information and instructions. Another recent feature added was a password strength meter.  This meter informs the user the strength of their password and helps to ensure they are providing a more secure password. 

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