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June 8, 2016

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June 2016

The Perfect Solution to Simplifying Systems Integration

Commercial ALL IN ONE Package from Connect ONE® pre-engineered for quick-start

We’ve all been there. Struggling to add integrated services for the customer and throwing up our hands in frustration over the exercise of putting together a cutting-edge specification that’s cost effective, simple to deploy and works seamlessly.

Why should you reinvent the wheel for every customer when you don’t have to? As former dealers we have the perfect solution called the Connect ONE® Commercial  ALL IN ONE Package. It’s completely turnkey out of the box with access control, intrusion, HVAC and lighting control, temperature monitoring and video verification.  It’s easy to make more money, add customers and gain additional recurring monthly revenue with the Connect ONE Commercial ALL IN ONE Package.

Easy specifications equal more RMR

Forget about looking around for compatible parts for your integrated solution – we take the guesswork out of the process with this quick-start, pre-engineered system that’s literally plug and play. You can also provide for the growing ‘parts and smarts’ market.  More and more IT departments and electrical contractors are willing to do the installation work but do not have the knowledge for purchasing the proper equipment. Why pass up these opportunities? Provide the Commercial All-in-One Package, remotely program the system and still gain the monthly revenue for the Connect ONE® service and central station monitoring.  And, best of all, you can be more efficient on the job when you service all your customers remotely through the Connect ONE dealer portal.

A unique value-add for customers, ScanPass® Mobile Credential unlocks doors fast using a smartphone or tablet, while easily affixed barcode stickers eliminate access control cards/fobs and readers.  The installation is as simple as these 5 steps: 

1. Mount Cabinet and Connect Power
2. Connect Ethernet
3. Connect Access Door Lock(s)
4. Affix ScanPass Barcode Stickers to Door(s)
5. Manage Account via Connect ONE

Yet this isn’t some skeleton, bare-boned solution. This is a robust, cloud-hosted offering that includes eight doors (expandable) of access control using ScanPass Mobile Credentials, 10,000 users, eight zones (expandable), more than 200 time schedules and rules-based engines that make it easy to configure and customize. Want more? How about emergency lockdown, elevator control, video verification and energy management? It’s all here in a UL-listed enclosure with power and a safe, encrypted Ethernet communications connection. 

With the Connect ONE Commercial All-in-One Package there are very few limitations as to how and where you deploy it. So why not get started today adding customers and earning predictable monthly revenue to grow your business? Call us today at (866) 976-3520 or find our more here


Low/High Temperature/Humidity Alarm Thresholds Configurable by Your Customer

Now your customer can configure low/high alarm threshold levels for temperature and humidity sensors on their own.  On the Utilities menu they can select Zones & Sensors and rename each sensor as well as set/adjust the low and high threshold level.  Any change will be logged with the old and new value as an event.  This will prevent any possible contention of who made the change.  Previously this was a feature reserved for the dealer on the Dealer Site, now the dealer does not need to be involved with the decision of threshold level.

See who last Armed/Disarmed from the Arm/Disarm Menu

Now you can see who last armed or disarmed right from the Arm/Disarm menu where you can also change the arm status.  This allows a quick reference to see who last armed or disarmed along with the time/date and the user's phone number to contact if needed.


Output Group Management

Now you can add/modify/delete output groups on DMP XR panels right from the Dealer Site.  Previously this task had to be performed in RemoteLink.  Output groups are mainly used for Elevator Control with DMP panels.  Now you can regroup floors quickly and effortlessly.  For even better elevator control, view the Connect ONE Access Expander or the Commercial ALL IN ONE, which can handle multiple cabs and floors seamlessly in a user's profile.

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