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March 7, 2016

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March 2016

SmartShow™ - Helps Close More Sales

It’s easier than ever to sell Connect ONE® with SmartShow™, the industry’s first vertical-market-specific virtual demonstration. No more sales demos illustrating unrelated projects that leave prospects scratching their heads wondering if you REALLY have the capabilities they need. With SmartShow, demos are tailored to the customer’s premises, illustrating zones, for example, that pertain to their vertical, as well as industry-specific video camera clips. 

SmartShow features:

  • Market-specific demonstrations for Residential; Medical Facilities; Food Service Industries; Education; Commercial and Multi-Tenant; and Banking and Financial Facilities
  • No control panel hardware necessary; works with mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • Zone data and video snapshots of the specific vertical market
  • Easy set up (less than two minutes) by the dealer through the Connect ONE dealer site
  • Share snapshots and alerts to prospect’s email during the demonstration – a powerful presentation tool! 
View a Quick Video Tutorial on the Dealer Site, Contact Us with any Questions

Elevator Control

The Connect ONE Access Expander when paired with an ELK M1 control panel  has the ability to handle multiple elevators cars and multiple floors with individual permissible control and scheduling from one control panel.

No longer do you have to be concerned with grouping floors or installing multiple panels to accommodate the amount of elevators in the building.  Users can simply choose each floor from each elevator individually in a profile.

DMP XR Series Update

96 Access Door Capacity

DMP recently announced version 111 firmware for the XR550 control panel which expands its access control capability from 16 doors to 96 doors. Connect ONE fully supports the additional door capacity. A XR550 panel is now 32 door capable out of the box with two additional 32 door feature codes which can be ordered separately. This will accommodate larger systems without the necessity to stack control panels.

Connectivity Solutions

We've recently added the convenience and security of fully encrypted instant control commands without router/firewall configuring for DMP XR series control panels including the XR150, XR350, and XR550.  Contact us to find out more information.

ISC West 2016

Visit ELK Product's Booth # 7033 where ScanPass® Mobile Credential will be shown including live demonstrations of the M1 Cross Platform Control®.

“The Connect ONE Access Expander provides exciting enhancements to the ELK M1® with expanded user support, schedules, and event history.    ScanPass® takes this a step further, offering intuitive access control via mobile devices and supporting an expanded number of access points.  This enhanced capability adds value and convenience, giving installers an edge and opening new possibilities in a variety of commercial markets.” says Amy Strickland, Marketing Design Manager at ELK Products.


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