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January 7, 2016

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January 2016

Introducing ScanPass® Mobile Credential


ScanPass Mobile Credential is the next generation in simplifying access control integrations.No longer is it necessary to purchase or install readers, cards or fobs, reducing system costs for both dealers and their customers.

Installation is as easy as putting a barcode sticker on the door.  A smartphone reads the barcode to identify the door and a unique credential in the phone is used to identify the individual. ScanPass is managed the same as a card or fob. It's that simple!

Since we began promoting ScanPass, integrators have told us about how it is the long awaited solution to some of their problems. For example, it can remove the frustration of trying to gain access to a parking garage when your fob is on your key chain, in the ignition. Also, others have said that the time required to maintain cards and fobs, especially for transient users such as service providers and temporary employees, is greatly reduced.

Using ScanPass, projects can be completed in less time.  With that said, being able to complete projects in less time than conventional access systems, dealers will garner more Monthly Recurring Revenue accounts.

ScanPass is exclusive to the Connect ONE Access Expander and will provide you the ability to offer 10,000 users, 1,000 profiles, & up to 206 doors from a single control panel. ScanPass can work independently or in tandem with a reader.
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Join us for a brief webinar  on  ScanPass Mobile Credential

Tuesday January 26th at 9:00am Central Time
Wednesday January 27th at 1:00pm Central Time

To register: send an email to, indicating your desired date/time

Mobile App Gets All Management Functions

The mobile App for Apple and Android devices now supports all management functions

New functions include:
  • Reporting (Event Detail, In/Out, Exit Exception, Historical Temperature/Humidity & Custom)
  • Interaction (Event Rules, Time Rules, Task Rules)
  • Users & System Codes
  • Profiles (Login & System)
  • Schedules
  • Utilities
Previously the App was capable of the controlling functions provided in the Monitor section.

The App was deigned for seamless operation since the look & feel is identical to the Browser version and a common Login Profile restricts the App and Browser permissions alike.

The App is in the Google Play Store now and will be available in the Apple App Store as soon as Apple completes their review.

Improved Usability Updates

Ease of Permissions

The Admin Login Profile now grants full permissions to the user for all systems regardless of the user's codes. Previously, the user would need a code with the necessary permission to manage the system. This is still true for any user that doesn't belong to the Admin profile group.

Profile Improvement

A new Description field is provided to store notes about a profile. This applies to both Login and System profile types.  It allows the user to store notes or comments about the profile rather than trying to cram all that helpful information into the profile name.

A warning message is added to DMP System Profiles when the user chooses 'Yes' to Easy Arm/Disarm. The warning explains to the user that they should use caution when applying this option. In most cases the Easy Arm/Disarm setting will convert an ordinary door access at the reader to an arming or disarming action instead.  More often than not this is applied incorrectly. The warning does not prevent the setting.

Task Rule Improvement

Task Rules can now be applied to a specific area. This allows them to follow the same permissible control of the Login Profile. Once applied to an area, only users with access to that area will be able to activate the task.

The rules can also be limited by a time constraint. Since the rule activation can be delayed on the fly for up to 4 hours, an option now exists to limit this delay. For example, a user may configure a rule to open the front door and restrict the activation so it can't be delayed. Delaying the activation would unlock the door some time in the future.

Further, if only one rule exists or the user only has access to one rule then the task will be activated from one button rather than first selecting the task button and choosing the rule from a list.

Disarming an Area on a Bosch System

Now when a user chooses to disarm a Bosch area, the action will automatically perform a silence command at the same time.  This prevents needing to send a secondary command to silence the siren.

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