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March 3, 2015

Connect ONE®: Safeguard Systems from Malicious Hacking [Show All]

News continues to spread about surreptitious hacking and malicious compromise of security systems and associated apps. Unfortunately, it’s a sign of the times. And with the Internet of Things continuing to take hold and more systems and devices being connected through smartphone and wireless technology, security dealers need to take extra precautions with customer accounts so their system passwords and other personal data aren’t leaked or compromised.

The good news is the Connect ONE® service already has safeguards in place that make it extremely difficult if not almost impossible for unauthorized persons to use bots and other malicious tools to access your customer’s systems.

The Connect ONE interface allows for a total of 10 attempts, with bolstered safeguards. Three log-in fields, not two, are required: user name, password and customer number, making hacking more difficult. After the first three unsuccessful attempts the CAPTCHA box pops up – basically a human verification response test. After a total of 10 failed attempts, the Connect ONE interface URL shuts down and as an additional safeguard the incoming IP address is locked out for a period of time.

Connect ONE is the only interface you need for all your customer’s integrations – security, access control, video monitoring, energy management and critical temperature monitoring. View, control and interact with all your systems on ONE screen from any web-enabled device.

It’s also one of the safest interfaces on the market, with secure log-ins and other capabilities that prevent and lessen the likelihood of unauthorized persons gaining access to your customer’s security system, personal data and other information.

Connect ONE is designed by dealers, for dealers, so with years of industry experience we’re helping dealers and their customers transition safely into connected solutions. Connect ONE, with the most integrated capabilities in the market, is the single product you need to grow your business. See the expanding list of Connected Technologies, LLC integration partners. Learn more or call (866)976-3520.