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December 16, 2016

Reason #3: Give Your Technicians Real-Time Control [Show All]

Give your technicians real time information and control from any web enabled device for system status and operation – No need to keep running back and forth to the keypad for status information

Troubleshoot Zones, Reset Fire Devices, Operate Access Relays, Complete System Testing, etc. - One Technician can easily do the work of Two!

All of this is possible without any open holes in the customer's network!  Also, the trechnician's smartphone/tablet only requires a cellular connection to
the Internet, they do not need to be connected to the customer's network.

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Integrate, Control and Manage: Intrusion, Access Control, Video, Energy Management, & Critical Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
Easy-to-Use Interface available from Any Web-Enabled Device

The BEST Way to Future-Proof Your Company

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