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December 14, 2023

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2023 - A Year In Review

Farpointe Conekt Bluetooth Mobile Credential Integration - A simplified approach to Bluetooth mobile credentials.

A new integration has been completed with Mobile Credentials by Farpointe called Conekt. This integration allows for a seamless method to enroll these credentials in Connect ONE. When you order Farpointe Conekt Mobile Credentials from your vendor, you will be supplied a spreadsheet which will be imported into Connect ONE.

Single Sign-On (SSO) - Method for single sign-on with a create/update user operation initiated from an external identity provider (IdP).

Many organizations are using Identity Providers (IdP) to centralize their user directory database across multiple applications. Now your customer will be able to integrate with Identity Providers using SAML 2.0. This allows for users to be created and updated automatically from the external single sign-on process. This integration was developed for and verified with Okta however since it is based upon SAML 2.0 it should work for other Identity Providers such as Microsoft Azure AD.

Hanwha Wisenet Integration - A new integration is now available for Hanwha Wisenet NVR's.

The supported features are: Live & Playback Viewing, Video Verification, Sending Intrusion/Access Events to NVR, and Receiving Analytical/Health related Events from the NVR. The integration also supports the Hanwha Wisenet Sync Cloud for easy and secure connectivity to the NVR.

QR Barcode Credentials - A new credential import option has been added to support QR codes.

When a QR code credential is selected from Connect ONE the user can receive their QR code via email or SMS directly from Connect ONE. This makes QR codes a great option for visitors or other temporary uses since they can be emailed to the individual prior to their arrival. QR code readers onsite can scan the QR code, either printed or on-phone, for gaining access to the facility.

Camera Image Proxy Service - A new service for browser/application compatibility with IP Cameras.

Browser and application requirements have become more stringent over the years which has caused viewing issues of certain camera devices, primarily direct IP cameras. The new Camera Image Proxy service alleviates these issues to allow direct IP cameras to be viewable in all Browsers and Apps.

Task Integration for Guests, Visitors, or Anyone - A new task integration web page link sent via email or SMS without requiring a user login.

Task Rules are powerful actions which can combine just about any system command into a single button click. Now you can also provide these customized actions to any user via the Integration option found under the contact information, such as email or SMS address, and they will receive a PIN and URL link which will allow easy operation of these Tasks without requiring a login. This is a great option for guests and visitors since they do not need a login nor a credential and the task integration may be revoked at anytime.

Connect ONE Visitor Management provides tracking of visitors and guests and integration with access control systems plus Safe Passage for self-approval of health, training, and/or legal waivers. Many of these new features can also apply with integration of external visitor management services via our webhook/api methods (webhook description in a separate section below).

Visitor management may also be combined with Safe Passage, via the user profile, which will allow for a self-approval process to be completed with optional health, training, or legal waivers and a self check-in/out for the visitor. When Safe Passage is applied, the visitor will receive an email or SMS with a link to complete the authorization, no login for Connect ONE is required. There may be optional questions/waivers to answer or just a signature is required to continue. The template might also be set to capture the person's image from their phone/tablet camera which will be stored in the approval document and may be applied as the visitor's image in the application.


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