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November 1, 2015

Announcing the Connect ONE Access Expander [Show All]

The Access Expander is on the shelf and ready to ship.

Plug-in & Go – Instant Always-On Communication
(No Network/Router Configuration Required/No Port Forwarding)

16 Access Doors – Expandable by Stacking Control Panels

10,000 Users (Keypad Codes and/or 26-bit Access Cards)

1000 Profiles (Arming & Access Permissions with Scheduling)

250 Time Schedules

50 Holidays (can be set to a date range, i.e. one holiday can span multiple days)

Door & Output Schedules (up to 8 Time Schedules applied per output)

Elevator Control

2500 count event buffer – storing of events if the Internet connection is down, unlimited event count
storage in the cloud for a one year period