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October 25, 2022

Custom Lockdown & Emergency Mass Notification [Show All]

A new feature, added from your feedback, expands the powerful Connect ONE® Lockdown Options!

New options added to Task Rules allow for creating custom lockdown actions and/or general emergency notification options to be configured without requiring a complete system lockdown. Task Rules offer many options for system control and interaction in a single-click and are now even more powerful with the addition of an action to log an event and show the rule for activation in the lockdown options window.


Custom messaging entered in the lockdown window allows for an unlimited use case and provides the necessary information to the building occupants seamlessly.
Some common examples are:

  1. A Severe Weather condition notified to personnel that the building will be closed.
  2. A Chemical Spill in the building, warning everyone to evacuate and avoid that area of the facility.
  3. A Fire Alarm needs to unlock a set of doors for egress and notify everyone to evacuate.
Notification can occur via Email, SMS, App Push, Onscreen Alert, and the activation can be sent to an External Mass Notification System via the common alerting protocol (CAP).