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October 1, 2022

Usability Improvements [Show All]

Customer Management Portal

  • Filter by User Login Profile: The User List and User List Report have a new option to filter by Login Profile. Login Profiles allow for more than permission control, they may also be used for grouping. For instance, you can add a Contractors Login Profile and apply users to this profile/group. When viewing the user list it is now very simple to show all Contractors using the filter by Login Profile option.
  • User Permission Report: The User Permission Report is a great way to find all Users with access to certain Sites or Areas at a glance. The report options have been expanded to allow a filter by Login Profile and show which users match all sites/areas selected or any of the site/areas selected.
  • Time Rules with Zones: The Time Rules with zone option, such as zones in exceptions status, not active, etc., now allow for a time frame to be specified of when to log the violation event. For example, your customer may want a door prop on certain zones during normal business hours, but outside of those hours they aren't concerned if the door is propped open, this schedule can now be configured in the Time Rule.
  • Time Rules Status Option: Time Rules now have an option to be set Active or Inactive. This is a quick way to deactivate a rule without removing it. Later it can be reactivated without needing any re-configuration of parameters.
  • Holidays Batched Selectively By System: Holidays have a new option which allows to quickly batch to all systems, this option already existed, or selectively you can choose which systems to batch the holiday list to.
  • Lockdown Systems Message: The lockdown systems message shows which systems are currently in lockdown and now provides a method to click/tap the message to open the lockdown options which can quickly restore any of the systems as necessary.
  • Improved Visibility to Dashboards & Options: The Dashboard views, such as In/Out, Exceptions, & GeoView, along with the option popups, have been revamped to provide better visibility and intuitiveness.

Dealer Administrative Portal & System Updates

  • Door Prop Timing for Aperio Locks/Readers: The access expander which integrates Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locks and readers with DMP, Bosch, Elk, and Honeywell panels now provides an option to configure a door prop alert for Aperio wireless locks that have an integrated door contact sensor.
  • TIP: Check the Configuration page for the Device as it includes recommended programming for the particular product and firmware version.