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October 1, 2022

Event Rule Options Expanded to Include Additional Conditions Present [Show All]

A new feature expanding the powerful Connect ONE® Event Rules!

Event Rules offer many options for notifications and system interaction; and are now even more powerful with the addition of a conditional qualification which must be present in order for the rule to activate. This feature is in addition to the schedule qualification which allows for the rule to only be active during or outside of certain hours. Now the rule can be further qualified with a present condition in a particular site or area. The condition options are: Area(s) Armed or Disarmed, Door(s) Locked or Unlocked, or Output(s) On or Off.

This additional qualification allows for many interesting capabilities such as following the system holidays. If your customer only wants to be notified of an event when not on a holiday, this can now be configured. A virtual panel output programmed on a schedule and referenced as a condition to the Event Rule allows the rule to be active only when the output is on, via the schedule.