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July 1, 2022

Mobile Navigation Footer Plus More [Show All]

Usability improvements enhance your customers' experience!

Mobile Footer Navigation: A new footer navigation section has been added to the mobile app to improve the usability for quick access to the most commonly used functions of the application. It greatly enhances the ease of use and is available in both light and dark modes.

light modedark mode
Light ModeDark Mode

Temporary Schedule Improvement: When viewing schedules in a list, if a temporary date is set on the schedule the status will reflect whether or not it is pending activation or expired for quick glance convenience.

Customer Usage Check: From the Dealer Site Home tab you can view all of your customers' usage of video events, SMS, ScanPass mobile credentials, and storage. Any customers with a usage in the 90% range or greater are also included in your weekly health email. This helps to be proactive with your customers to be sure their management isn't interrupted by reaching their quota. You never need to worry about overages as they are not possible however ensuring your customer has the necessary thresholds is important to their experience and at the same time increases your RMR.