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June 9, 2015

Interfaces with New Bosch G Series Security Panels [Show All]

With a new interface Connected Technologies developed for its Connect ONE cloud-hosted platform, the Bosch G Series panels let systems integrators easily expand their access control operations from eight to 32 doors and up to 2,000 users. The Bosch G Series joins Connect ONE’s current B Series panel integration, already in place.

With the Connect ONE integration, security dealers using the Bosch G Series models B8512G and B9512G will be able to bid on an even wider range of access control specifications – from simple premises control to enterprise customers. This integration provides additional efficiencies to dealers and users, such as viewing multiple subscriber locations on one screen, as well as batching – a feature that allows system commands and controls to be populated to specific locations with one click, rather than entering permissions separately for each door/entrance/facility. In addition, scheduled events ensure up to 25 different functions are performed automatically based on the system’s internal clock and calendar.

“The Bosch G Series panels have many powerful features that allow security integrators to easily expand their access control operations to new users and vertical markets,” says Mike Simon, a former dealer and Managing Partner, Connected Technologies. “Automatic batching and other functionality adds dealer and end-user efficiencies. Our dealers are excited to have the advantages of the Connect ONE integration, as it allows them to view even enterprise locations from a single screen,” he says. The Connect ONE portal provides easy access, so dealers can support their customer base remotely and from any Internet-connected device or smartphone, often eliminating costly truck rolls and site visits and allowing them to boost their profits with additional recurring monthly revenue.

Other critical Connect ONE and Bosch G Series features include: interactions with thermostats and video; real-time activity, including access events; area status plus arming and disarming; zone status plus bypass and un-bypass; door status plus open/lock/unlock; and more.

The Bosch G Series B8512G supports 500 users, 99 zones, eight access doors and up to 16 keypads. The Bosch G Series B9512G supports 2,000 users, 599 zones, 32 access doors and up to 32 keypads. These G Series controls are approved for combination burglar and fire alarm applications, and integrated access control. Combined with the current Bosch B Series integration, dealers can standardize on a flexible, expandable solution for a variety of applications, including bank branches, mixed-use commercial, manufacturing facilities, retail stores and residential.