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April 8, 2022

Usability Improvements [Show All]

Customer Management Portal

  • Event Cases: A new option exists to manually initiate an Event Case from any event in the Monitor->Activity log, previously event cases could only be created automatically via predefined event rules. Creating an Event Case allows the response activity tracking to be initiated and immediately notify personnel to respond to a situation. Another reason to create an event case would be to record history notes about what transpired in relation to the event.
  • User Permission Report: When checking user permissions by site/area, more options now exist to filter by system names, area numbers, and/or door numbers. This allows for a higher degree of control to show just what is relevant to the necessary access permission check.

Dealer Administrative Portal & System Updates

  • Enabled Code or Card Formats: A new option exists on the Device->General options screen to enable only the necessary code or card formats you want your customer to use. Restricting formats not only makes the selection more intuitive for your customer but also allows for batching restrictions based upon format. For instance, if one system can only accept 26-bit cards, then upon saving this card, the customer will only be offered options to batch this card to other systems which also accept 26-bit cards, therefore not allowing the card to be sent to panels that don't allow that format. This restriction is also present when creating System Profile Templates, only systems with matching code/card format will be allowed to comprise a template.
  • TIP: Check the Configuration page for the Device as it includes recommended programming for the particular product and firmware version.