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March 18, 2015

Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller Now Supported plus New Output Types [Show All]

Now your customer can enjoy garage door control with the Linear Z-Wave controller which is compatible with the DMP control panels and operable via Connect ONE.  Your customer can see the status “Open” or “Closed” and also control the door via the “Open” and “Close” buttons.

Two new Output Types added Barrier and Barrier Toggle.  Now you can assign these types to any wiegand door or relay output on DMP, Bosch, or ELK control panels.  The Barrier option will show the output status as “Open” or “Closed” and show buttons to “Open” or “Close” the barrier. The Barrier Toggle option will hide the output status (use a zone input to view status) and show a button to “Operate” the barrier, i.e Toggle the position form closed to open or vice versa.  This is great option if you’re using a simple relay to operate a garage door or a remote gate.