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March 5, 2015

NEW & Improved User Portal! One Interface for All Devices [Show All]

Same use on desktop/mobile browsers as well as the mobile app for andoird and ios

Now only one interface to learn and support!

Responsive Design
No more zooming - All functions have the same ease of use no matter what screen size

Monitor Section
Two New Pages - Security & Automation

  • Security shows Arming Areas and Zones on the same page
    • Now you can Bypass an individual zone and Arm at the same time
  • Automation shows Doors, Outputs, HVAC, Lights, & Tasks on the same page

Easier Flow to Commands
Now you select your control commands and the Send button will appear automatically, making the user 
aware that they must press the button to continue.
Once commands are in process, the user stays on the same page and the status will update automatically 
as it changes based on the commands executed.

Easier HVAC Control & Viewing
Now the control options show for each thermostat - previously you could only control one thermostat at a time

Lockdown Option
Now appears at the top of every Monitor page for quick access

Set to My Home Page Option
Previously only the mobile site had this option but its now available everywhere

Mobile App Improvements

  • Dealer Logo Added and Dealer colors supported - Previously only the Dealer Name as text was shown
  • Same easy flow with the Monitor changes listed above
  • Cameras now display large thumbnails and multiple cameras may be viewed at one time
  • Now Tablets have an improved display since layout is specific to screen size.
  • Switch Accounts is available so the user can switch between their accounts even from the App.
  • Currently the available functions are limited to the Monitor section, however in future releases we will be able to implement the full functionality of the Desktop site into the Mobile App.