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January 23, 2015

Video Event Share, ELK Direct Connects & More! [Show All]

Video Event Share

Upon receiving a video event there is a new share icon which allows you to share the event with anyone else via email / text messaging.  Since the video verification is NOT just alarm but any event, this could be used for a co-worker, family member, first responder, central station, etc.

Use this feature in combination with the SmartShow presentation to send your prospect a video event right to their email.

ELK M1 Now Supports Network Direct Connections

Now your customer can enjoy immediate commands on ELK M1 systems via a Network Direct Connect.  This does require port forwarding on the customer's router but it removes the 60 second delay in processing commands.  Support for this feature utilizes the secure (SSL) port on the M1XEP and you may also enable authentication with a username / password.

Geovision Support Upgraded & ACTi NVR Now Supported

Both new integrations allow for Video Verification and Live Viewing.

Now you can view high-resolution images from Geovision DVR's, previous support was downgraded to low-resolution viewing due to a recent geovision software update.

Now you can utilize the ACTi NVR as the connection path to view live video, previously the integration was to the ACTi camera itself.  This allows for easier setup since only one device needs to be configured.


Improved Search Usability 

Now when you have an active search and leave the page, your search will be saved.  When you return to the page the previous search results will remain for better usability.  This feature is supported for both the dealer and the customer site.  To start a new search, simply press the clear button.


Improved User Handling

Previously any deleted user would remain forever unless purged on the dealer site.  Now if the user didn't generate any activity they will be removed forever upon a deletion by the customer.  Also, once any deleted user's activity extends beyond the event storage timeframe the deleted user will be automatically removed from the reporting filters, helping to keep the list clean.  There is also a one-click cleanup function on the dealer site which will purge any deleted user that doesn't have activity within the customer's event storage limit.


Updates to Apps for Android & iOS

  • Added support for more camera vendors
  • Added automatic timed refresh to page results
  • Fixed issue in iOS for not updating commands/results upon first login
  • Fixed issue displaying menu when scrolled below menu contents