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January 27, 2015

Close More Sales with Connect ONE® SmartShow™ [Show All]

Connect ONE® is the only interface you need for all your customer’s integrations - security, access control, video monitoring, energy management and critical temperature monitoring.

Now it’s easier than ever to sell Connect ONE® with SmartShow™, the industry’s first vertical-market-specific virtual demonstration. No more sales demos illustrating unrelated projects that leave prospects scratching their heads wondering if you REALLY have the capabilities they need. With SmartShow, demos are tailored to the customer’s premises, illustrating zones, for example, that pertain to their vertical, as well as industry-specific video camera clips. SmartShow features:

● Market-specific demonstrations for Residential; Medical Facilities; Food Service Industries; Education; Commercial and Multi-Tenant; and Banking and Financial Facilities

● No additional hardware necessary; works with mobile phone, tablet or laptop, works for DMP XR Panels, DMP XT Panels, ELK M1 Panels, Bosch B-Series Panels, IP Cameras & Nest Thermostats

● Zone data and video clips of the specific vertical market

● Easy set up (less than two minutes) by the dealer through the Connect ONE dealer site

● Share clips and alerts to prospect’s email during the demonstration – a powerful presentation tool! 

● You can create up to 5 virtual devices per customer account and up to 20 virtual devices total.  Plenty to create single-site and multi-site examples.