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November 1, 2021

Usability Improvements [Show All]

Customer Management Portal

  • Safe Passage Reports: The award winning Safe Passage has been improved with a new report for management to view all users with their current individual safe passage status: Approved, Pending Checkpoint Access, Not Completed, Expired, or Declined.
  • System Profile Templates: There is now a new option to easily duplicate a system profile template, this is helpful when your customer has many applied systems and they want to create a new template and make a minor change to one system for a new set of users which won't effect all of the existing applied users to the original template.

Dealer Administrative Portal

  • Event Log: The customer event log page has been improved with the ability to view both customer generated and all customer device events in the same list. You can selectively choose to view both customer and device events, customer only, or device only events.