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December 18, 2014

Bosch Intrusion Panel Support & More [Show All]

Bosch B Series Intrusion Control Panels Now Integrated 

 New exciting capabilities for Bosch B Series Panels

  • Real-Time Activity
  • Area Status plus Arming and Disarming
  • Zone Status plus Bypass and Unbypass
  • Output Status plus On and Off
  • Reporting (Storage of events for up to 1 year)
  • User Code Add, Edit, Delete, Deactivate
  • Authority Level Viewing
  • Automatic System Time Update
  • Alarm Bell Silence
  • Sensor Reset
  • System Status View - AC Power / Battery
  • Interactions with Thermostats & Video
    • Thermostat Setbacks based on Arming Status
    • Video Verification of Alarm, Arming/Disarming, or any other Event
  • Interactions with SMS & Email plus Pop-Up Alerts
    • Custom Notification Rules including Event Text & Associated Video

Supported Panels:

B3512 - B4512 - B5512


Hikvision IP Cameras Now Supported

You can now use Hikvision IP Cameras for Video Verification and Live Viewing. 


Improved Editing Usability 

Now when you are editing an item, if a validation error occurs, the original form data will be returned.  This applies to all areas of the both the customer and the dealer site.  For example, your creating/editing a system profile, have all your permissions set and click save.  Oops, you assigned a name that already exists so a validation error is returned, now you can simply change the name and click save without reassigning all of the permissions again.  We're excited about this one, it is a big improvement for you and your customer.


Humidity Now Displayed from Nest Thermostats

Now your customer can view the current humidity level from their Nest thermostats.  This is a live view only and cannot currently trip an alarm based on the level.


System Code Import Utility Added to the Customer Site 

Now the your customer can use the system code import utility from the Utilities menu.  Previously this tool was reserved for the dealer site only.