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August 12, 2021

Custom Badge Design Templates & Options [Show All]

You can now choose to use the default badge template or choose to upload up to three custom background design templates for users’ badges. The custom background extends to the entire badge and may include customized color schemes, logos, images, and standardized text to be printed on the badge. A user’s login profile further customizes the badge with choices of what to print, those choices include: the user’s picture, name, up to four custom fields, and whether or not to show the ScanPass® barcode. The barcode allows personnel to scan the badge using the ScanPass function in the Connect ONE app to confirm authenticity and review the user’s information on the spot, such as Safe Passage status and their recent activity. The award winning Safe Passage status indicates whether the user is safe to be on the premises with self-answered questionnaires.

Badge Design Options