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August 31, 2021

Scheduled In/Out, Exit Exception, and New Site Occupancy Report [Show All]

Now the popular In/Out Report and the new Site Occupancy Report can be delivered via email by a Scheduled Task Rule!

Scheduled Task Rules have a new action option labeled "Trigger Report." Report types selected can be:

  • In/Out By User - List user in and out times for each area and calculate total time in an area.
  • Exit Exception By User - List users which have logged in but not logged out.
  • NEW! Site Occupancy - List users which accessed each site and calculate total occupancy.
Task Rule Scheduling can be one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, certain days only, and by using first-occurence options.
Please note, Event Activity Reports are still able to be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or other custom times via Event & Time Rules.
Scheduled Task Rule

NEW! Site Occupancy Report: This new report shows user access or disarm and calculates daily occupancy automatically per site location with two options:

  • User Summary: Group by User, show the first access event of the time period, and calculate the total amount of days at each site.
    Occupancy Summary Report
  • User Detail: Group by User, show the first access event of the time period for each day.
    Occupancy Detail Report